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This is the Two Bedroom Cabana Tiny House by SledHaus.

It’s a 574-sq.-ft. design with two bedrooms on the main level. It lives very much like a regular house or apartment. It’s called the Sledhaus Cabana 2 Bed. Learn more about it below.

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Cabana Tiny House With Two Bedrooms

Sledhaus Cabana Tiny House With Two Bedrooms via SledHaus 001

Images via Sledhaus

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This is The Goose Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom. It’s a beautiful 34ft tiny home built on a gooseneck trailer with three dedicated sleeping areas including an over-the-hitch sleeping area with enough space for most people to comfortably stand in.

The Goose is available in 27ft, 34ft, and 37ft sizes. You can customize and price your own build over at this page on Tiny Heirloom.

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34ft Goose Signature Series Model Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Heirloom

The Goose Signature Series Model by Tiny Heirloom

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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This is the Juniper Tiny House on Wheels by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes.

A modern, fresh design with a living room, extra height master loft, additional sleeping/storage loft, full kitchen and spacious bathroom. Perfect for singles, couples, or a small family.

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The Juniper THOW by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes: Available in 28ft, 30ft, 32ft, and 34ft!


Images © Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

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This is a 375-square-foot 2-bedroom cabin! Pretty incredible, right? Well, take a look for yourself if you don’t believe it.

The spacious 375-square-foot two-bedroom Chisholm Trail Cabin is mounted on a steel frame with optional trailer and wheels. Superior Concrete Tiny Houses designed this unit so that it can either be moved to your land, or built on an engineered concrete foundation. This model includes an optional 120-square-foot outdoor precast concrete porch.1

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The Chisholm Trail Cabin w/ Optional Trailer and Wheels Package – it’s a 375-square-foot 2-bedroom cabin on wheels…

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Craig shares his 8×12 tiny home office design concept with you as part of our 8×12 tiny house design contest with Deek of RelaxShacks.com.

It’s a pretty simple 8×12 tiny house design on a trailer with an upstairs sleeping loft that you can access by ladder.

Inside there’s also a kitchenette and even a toilet. There’s also space for a comfortable chair. Additionally a separate chair and desk. Please enjoy below. Thank you.

Craig’s 8×12 Tiny Home Office Design


Images © Geoffrey Craig Williams

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Gary Goldberg is sharing his 8×12 tiny house design floor plan as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. His is designed as a cargo trailer tiny house. I’ll let him explain it and show you below. 🙂

“Hello. My pencil drawing for submission to the book contest. 8’x12” says to me — cargo trailer. So I laid it out appropriately. The fantastic fan in the roof is for ventilation. In hindsight I might swap the locations of the Dickinson propane furnace and the A/C mini-split interior component, although I like the idea of being able to see it burning from the bed and table. Assumed wet-wall between kitchen counter and shower. Could move potable water tank to front wall. Bunk beds are 32” wide; kitchen counter is 30” deep. Hard wall in front of composting toilet and door could be replaced with something flexible. like curtain. Hope you like it.”

Gary Goldberg’s 8×12 Cargo Trailer Tiny House Design


Image © Gary Goldberg

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One of our readers, Robert Olson, shared one of his floor plan sketches to help another reader.

She needed a home to suite the needs of herself and her disabled son. Read the comment below.

Thanks, Robert and Alex for the small home ideas. I am a single Mom with a son in his 20’s with special needs (unable to live by himself) who will be living with me for a very long time; space and privacy are necessities for him. Do you have any ideas for a small house for 2 adults who need separate sleeping quarters? I am in the process of getting my house ready to sell and move home to New Mexico; we can’t afford, nor do I want a regular house; I have been searching for a small house plan that would work for us as hopefully we can build; also, my son needs his own bathroom, do to Aspergers. I would gladly buy a plan from you that would work for us. I am disabled as well, due to a brain injury. The closet, washer, dryer, bathroom is a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for all you do for us. You give me hope! (source)

Thankfully, Robert already had a plan he had sketched out that would be perfect for her. He replies,

MaryAnne, I would suggest a one level home, 2 bedroom 2 bath split bedroom arrangement. This way your son can live with you, but you each have your privacy on opposite sides of the house, yet joined by a common living area.

I sketched out a house like that once, designed for 2 room mates to share the high cost of housing in Hawaii. I might still have that in my computer somewhere. I’ll look. (source)


Yes MaryAnne, I do still have it in my computer. Its called the Aloha. It was a quick 5 minute concept sketch. I don’t even have square footage. Its just an idea sketch, but I think it would fit your needs. You can build it as big or small as you want. I will send it to Alex to forward to you. Keep in mind this was designed for 2 room mates with sweeping views of the pacific ocean from a hillside, so all the windows are on the ocean side. (source)

In case you find yourself wanting something similar, or are just curious about what the plans look like, I’m sharing them below thanks to Robert. And we’re lucky to have him in the community. Thank you Robert.

THE ALOHA 2/2 Split Bedroom Floor Plan


Images © Robert Olson

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This 840 sq. ft. 20′ x 30′ cottage for two is a guest post by Robert Olson

Want to live in a tiny house but are claustrophobic? Kiss cramped spaces goodbye.

You won’t feel cramped in this 1 1/2 story cottage. There’s an 18 x 20 great room with compact kitchen, soaring ceilings, glassed in gable, and corner fireplace.

Ladder stairs climb to a spacious 12 X 20 loft big enough for a king bed with room to spare. Below the loft, a large bath with double vanity and 4 X 6 luxury glass shower.

There’s even a large walk-in closet with abundant storage space, and a washer/dryer stack right where you need it. Please enjoy and re-share below.

New Update from Robert:

Alex, people asked if the 20 x 30 could incorporate a staircase and also wanted to see the loft plan. I listened, so here is draft #2. Also a shed dormer could be added to the loft for a loft bath.

840 Sq. Ft. 20′ x 30′ Spacious Small Cottage for Two


Images © Robert Olson

I encourage you to check out the spacious floor plan below:

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Here you’ll find a couple of small house floor plan sketches by Robert Olson, a reader of the Tiny House Newsletter and Tiny House Talk.

We’ve exchanged some e-mails and I’m excited to share some of his design concepts with you which are in the 500 to 1080 sq. ft. range of space.

The first one is a two story atrium loft house design with a wall of glass in the downstairs living area. A spacious kitchen with a big window over the sink. There’s also a large bathroom with a spacious walk-in closet and a spiral staircase in the living area that to get up to the atrium loft. Vaulted ceilings with 6 skylights bring daylight down through two floors. Please enjoy, leave your thoughts in the comments (would you build and live in this one?) and re-share below. Thanks.

Small House Floor Plan Sketches by Robert Olson


Images © Robert Olson

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