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You might be familiar with Luthorville and Eric Muss-Barnes, a man who started an off-grid homestead in the middle of the desert, lived in his awesome tiny house, and documented the how-tos of homesteading on YouTube. He still has the land, but his toy-hauler tiny dubbed “Galatea Meridian” is now up for sale!

This build is definitely one-of-its-kind, with an unfolding ramp deck, 5th-wheel bedroom and all kinds of off-grid amenities. Plus, Eric made an hour-long “user manual” video showing you exactly how everything works so that’s a huge plus!

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2016 Famous Tiny House Could Be Yours! $90K


Images by Luthorville

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Four years ago, Kirs and Devin wanted to escape the rising rent in Nashville and decided to go tiny and move into a fifth wheel. They renovated that one, and later moved into a toy hauler. Most recently the couple purchased a gorgeous 44 ft. fifth wheel that hasn’t needed any work and they are loving their RV life.

The two find places to park in the area, and don’t travel right now, but they are financially free (and their home is awesome!). They share the trailer with their three dogs. Be sure to enjoy the tour and the Q&A they did with us at the end of the post.

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This Couple’s 3rd RV Home (Stationary)

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