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Here’s an awesome new eVista from ESCAPE that will be ready to pick up in about a month. It has a few great upgrades including an induction cooktop, fold flat couch and amazing all-electric set-up that are sure to make it a comfortable home.

There’s a great little video tour below that shows off all the highlights that you should watch! Also, it’s a loft-free tiny house design so it’s great for people who want a ground-floor bed.

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Smart Siding, Induction Cooktop and More!

eVista with Special Features Availabe Soon 2

Images © ESCAPE

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Do you love one-floor tiny house designs? Look no further than the all-electric eVista model from ESCAPE. This model is available now with a number of upgrades for a discounted price.

The eVista has an electric cooktop, a built-in bedroom area with tons of upper storage, and a comfortable-sized bathroom. Take a look below!

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DISCOUNTED: $49.9K for NEW eVista

All-electric eVista with upgrades 3

Images: ESCAPE

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