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A Guest Post by Ethan – (Send us your tiny house story)

You might have last heard from me back in October/November about the first tiny home that my girlfriend Kelsey and I built and lived in outside of Austin Texas on an organic farm.

Well since that time my girlfriend and I were asked if we would be interested in selling our house and since I had already been considering building another one because building the first was so much fun we decided to take the offer on our house.

The man who bought our house also lived in our city and was interested in actually joining us in living on the farm in the house and paying the house off over time and since we had been wanting to expand the tiny house area of the farm which is called “Tiny Town” we thought that was a wonderful idea.


This conversation was had in late November and so we instantly got to work on the second house, because the first house was going to it’s new owner at the end of February.

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This is the story of Ethan Waldman’s mortgage-free tiny house that he designed and built himself! What an incredible shortcut to mortgage-freedom, right? A tiny house… yes!

He built it for way less than today’s average home and is already enjoying the debt-free lifestyle that most of us work decade after decade for only to get there run down and beat up… With tiny homes, this is changing.

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Ethan’s Debt-free DIY Tiny House on Wheels

You can go on inside to see what it looks and feels like in there while he’s living in it below:

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