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Get excited for a newly-built eOne from ESCAPE that’s available now. It has a large walkway between the two lofts, so you don’t have to walk up and down stairs to get from one to another.

There is a large galley kitchen with nearly full-sized appliances and a washer/dryer combo unit near the cozy living room. A smaller bathroom sits at the other end of the home with a fiberglass shower stall and residential toilet. It’s for sale right now for $82,530.

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Another All New eOne from Escape Available Now 7

Images © ESCAPE

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This is an Escape eOne tiny house! It’s the all-electric version of their popular Escape ONE tiny house.

The floor plan is slightly different than the original ONE with a large back loft, larger kitchen, and larger storage area. This tiny house is perfect for living tiny, setting up a vacation rental, guest house, office, or personal space.

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Escape eOne Tiny House with a Large Kitchen

Escape eOne Tiny House 001

Images: Escape

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