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When Danny and Katherine first learned about cob building, they were hooked! But they couldn’t jump right in due to a number of circumstances. Eventually, they were able to build a “trial” cob tiny home on her parents’ property, where they lived for a few years while saving and planning for their forever home on their own property which they own outright!

They’ve been in this 700-800 square foot cob dwelling now for a couple of years, and the lack of debt allows Katherine to stay home with her daughter. The house is absolutely stunning inside, with all kinds of details they spent a decade planning out “just right.” They even used all recycled windows to keep costs down and to be more sustainable.

Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey did a great video tour with the couple which you can watch below, where you’ll even learn a bit about cob building. And if you really want to delve in, Danny and Katherine teach cob-building classes!

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Their 700 Square Foot Cob Home Built For Family Life

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Looking for a special place to stay? This earth home in La Prado, New Mexico is a simple camping-like experience in a fun round dwelling that lets you get close — or inside — the land.

The adobe walls and floors were created from local clay, and the timber came from the Taos mountains. There’s a composting toilet outside the Kiva structure, as well as nearby hot springs for a shower experience (no running water in the home). This is a wonderful glamping experience in a tiny earth home! You can actually rent the spot on Airbnb right here!

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Tiny Round Adobe Home: The Kiva

Kiva: Simple Round Earth House in New Mexico

Images via Ray/Airbnb

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