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This is the 26ft Mt. Bachelor Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Mountain Houses.

This versatile 26’ model features double lofts w/ optional main floor bedroom and some pretty awesome and flexible uses designed to meet your specific needs. With a main floor flex room that allows for either a bedroom, den/office, living/family room, or add one of our custom entertainment centers.

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26ft Mt. Bachelor Tiny House on Wheels with Double Lofts, Main Floor Bedroom, And More!

26ft Mt Bachelor Tiny House by Tiny Mountain Houses 001

Images via Tiny Mountain Houses

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This is Kevin and Marni’s 290 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels. It’s a 24ft tiny house with a built-out deck and a wonderful, open view.

When you step inside, you’ll see that the living room has a desk that doubles as a dining table plus a couch that converts into a bed for guests so it’s very multi-functional. Then there are two lofts, one is their main bedroom, and the other is a reading nook that doubles as a guest space.

The staircase to the main loft has built-in storage and you’ll also find a full kitchen and bathroom. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Couple’s 290 Sq. Ft. Double Loft Tiny Home

Couples 290 sq ft Simple Tiny Home 001

Images © Kevin McConnach/YouTube

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This is a family of three’s 28ft off-grid tiny house on wheels with a 12ft loft-to-loft catwalk built for them by Bantam Built Homes.

It features a large living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and two lofts connected by the 12ft catwalk with a safety rail. Very cool!

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Family’s Double Loft Tiny House on Wheels with Loft-to-Loft Catwalk

28ft Tiny House with 12ft Loft-to-Loft Catwalk by Titan Tiny Homes

Images © Bantam Built Homes

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This is the Big Outdoors tiny house on wheels by Tiny Heirloom who you may recognize from their HGTV show called Tiny Luxury. It’s the perfect outdoor/backyard tiny house!

It features a full kitchen, bathroom, living area with table that folds into the wall, a loft bedroom, and an additional loft with a daybed. So you can live in it full-time, have it as a backyard retreat, or even use it as an Airbnb rental business! What do you think?

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Double Loft Luxury Big Outdoors Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom

Double Loft Luxury Big Outdoors Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom 001

Photos via Tiny Heirloom

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This is a Cozy and Spacious Double-Loft THOW For Sale in California.

For folks who love all-wood interiors, this home is perfect. It has a huge, connected double loft accessible by a handy storage staircase, as well as plenty of room for lounging and living downstairs. All it needs is your decor and personality to make it truly “home.”

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Cozy and Spacious Double-Loft THOW For Sale

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This is the Classic Double Loft Model by Rich’s Portable Cedar Cabins.

This model costs between $65,000 and $70,000 depending on finishes.

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Classic Double Loft by Rich’s Portable Cedar Cabins

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Looking for a spacious, modern tiny house layout with a relatively simple construction process? Then check out the new Hikari Box Tiny House Plans from designer/builder Shelter Wise! Shelter Wise took their experience custom-designing numerous tiny homes on wheels for clients over the last few years and combined all their favorite ideas into this design.

At 24 feet long, the Hikari Box is 184 square feet on the ground floor, with one 79 square foot loft for a queen bed and another 23 square foot loft for storage or a twin bed. It features 14 windows to let the light pour in (“Hikari” is Japanese for “light-filled”), and tons of storage in the kitchen, and in the Japanese tansu chest-inspired stairway to the main loft.

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The Light-Filled Hikari Box Tiny House on Wheels!

Hikari Box Tiny House Modern Exterior Shelter Wise PAD Tiny Houses

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This is an 8’6″ x 20′ craftsman style bungalow tiny house on wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes. It has a beautiful kitchen with an oversized farm-style sink. I think you’ll love it! You know, anytime they build something new for their clients I’m thrilled because they always seem to do an amazing job so I highly recommend if you’re interested to schedule your build with them.

And this time, it’s no different. This awesome little home has everything you could ask for in a tiny house. There are two lofts with dormers. The main loft is 8’x10′ and the second one is 8’x8′. You’ll also find that it has a unique and absolutely beautiful interior with plenty of storage space, a wonderful bathroom, and a gorgeous (and useful) kitchen. Please enjoy, talk about it in the comments, and re-share below.

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Craftsman Style Bungalow Molecule Tiny Home on Wheels

170 Sq. Ft. Craftsman Bungalow Molecule Tiny Home

Images © Molecule Tiny Homes

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