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Dustin Mori had a love for coffee drinking and roasting, and wanted to start a family business — why not ship a retired double-decker bus from the United Kingdom and transform it into a mobile coffee shop? His wife, Angie, wasn’t keen on coffee, but she was convinced, and they opened their doors in 2018!

After the success of Double Decker Espresso, they had the idea to get another double-decker bus and transform it into an Airbnb on their beautiful land in Idaho. The “Hideaway” has a cozy pub-like feel on the first level, and the second level is a beautiful English cottage bedroom, bathroom, and seating area.

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Two Amazing Family Businesses from UK Buses!

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This incredible double-decker school bus conversion has been in progress for 20 years but is looking for a new owner. While it still drives, it’s designed to stay stationary once it travels from Rainier, Washington to a new home.

The bus home has a kitchen, bathroom, and space for a King-sized bed on the second level. There are lots of details about the features and the backstory listed after the photos below! The owner is asking $18,000. Learn more below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Double Decker DIY Skoolie 20 Years in the Making Available for $18K in Rainier, Washington

1969 Converted 2-story school bus. International Loadstar 33′ rolling home. 20

Images via D Frankly

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It’s awesome to see old vehicles getting a new lease on life! This 1950s British double-decker bus retired from service, came over to the U.S., was transformed into a diner, and is now an Airbnb in Oregon. How awesome!

The entire second floor of the bus is a spacious, yet cozy, bedroom with a queen bed. Downstairs, there’s a bathroom near the cab, and then a kitchen and living space. What do you think?

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This Bus was a Diner Before Becoming an Overnight Stay

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Whit is a cool guy who left his normal job to start renovating tiny spaces and hosting on Airbnb. His latest project has been giving yet another life to a 1950s Manchester, UK bus. After the bus came to the US, it served as a tour bus, and then passed hands until it eventually became a diner. But once Whit got it, he transformed it into a unique Airbnb!

You walk into the kitchen and living space and there’s an added bathroom in the front of the bus near the almost-entirely-original cab. A spiral staircase takes you to the spacious upper bedroom with beautiful woodwork ceilings. What’s your favorite part of this renovation?

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70-Year-Old Bus Has Become a Stunning Vacation Home

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This is the story of a double-decker bus converted into a 3 bedroom home via the Family Freedom YouTube Channel.

We’re taking you on a tour of our bus home, and showing you how we live on a double-decker bus converted into a 3 bedroom home!!!1

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Double-Decker Bus Converted Into 3 Bedroom Cabin

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If you like double-decker bus to motorhome conversions as I do, you’re in the right place!

This list of amazing DIY bus homes was inspired by Ron Collins, a Tiny House Newsletter subscriber, who bought a 1980 Bristol Double Decker Bus that listed for him.

In fact, this post is meant to serve as inspiration as to what you can do with a double-decker bus if you’re able to find one and willing to take on the task of converting it into a tiny (err.. I should say ‘small’) home, right? Either way, please enjoy and re-share below! Thank you.

5. Bristol Couple’s Double Decker Bus Conversion

Bristol Couple's Double Decker Bus Conversion

Image © BBC

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This 1980 Bristol Double Decker Bus For Sale is a guest post by Ron Collins

My home is in Florida where I winter at, and I live in the Netherlands in summer….

In my travels I have purchased a 1980 Bristol – VR Double Decker Bus. Model ECW 24 34 6 Series 2 ENGINE: Gardner 6LXB CONFIGURATION: H43/31F.

The #007 Double Decker Bus is located in the Netherlands and can be “driven to Belgium or Amsterdam” depending on what transport ships are available to ship to certain ports in the USA.

* I have one quote to ship from Netherlands to USA Jacksonville, Florida (Jax Port) at $7,500.00. There are other considerations such as tax etc through customs, that the Buyer is responsible for.

I had great hopes to changing it into a lounge, or “summer home” here….but unfortunately my health causes me to sell this Collectable – Rare London-built bus.

1980 Bristol Double Decker Bus For Sale (SOLD/ARCHIVED)


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Daniel Bond, a self-employed electrician, found it impossible to get approved for a mortgage. So he and his partner decided they would turn a double decker bus into their very own mortgage-free two bedroom home.

Inside it has everything a normal house has. A kitchen, lounge, bar, bathroom, and two bedrooms! And best of all, it’s debt-free. No mortgage? No problem.

Better yet, it’s on wheels, too. So if they ever have a major life change, they can just drive wherever they want or need to go.

Couple Build Debt-free Double Decker Bus Home


Images © BBC

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