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While we’ve shown you a few versions of the Timbercraft Denali XL, this one is unique because it has absolutely no lofts! Set on a 10-foot-wide trailer, it’s a whopping 42 feet long and is technically classified as a park model.

It’s a great set up for a retired couple. The back door walks into a spacious living area that seamlessly blends into the kitchen that includes a dishwasher (a must for me!). In the bathroom you’ll find a flush toilet, washer and dryer unit, and a stand-up shower stall. At the very back of the THOW is the wonderful bedroom with cathedral ceilings — you’ll feel like you’re falling asleep in a resort every night.

All finishes can be customized, so if you’d love something like this be sure to contact Timbercraft Tiny Homes here.

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Is This The Perfect Retirement THOW?

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Just a few days ago we showed you a 10×41 Denali by Timbercraft Tiny Homes — and here’s a Rustic Denali! Just like the other one, this one has a bedroom over the fifth wheel so you don’t have to climb a ladder to get to bed. But this one also has a secondary loft bedroom for guests, kids, or even storage.

The kitchen and living area are still large and spacious, and you get a full bathroom and room for a washer/dryer combo.

To get a better feel for the layout, there’s a video tour at the end of another Denali XL — the finishes are different, but the layout is similar! Timbercraft says this is their most popular model, and I can see why.

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Rustic Denali XL by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

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At 41 feet long and 10 feet wide, the Timbercraft Denali XL by Timbercraft Tiny Homes is as spacious as tiny homes on wheels get! French doors take you into the beautiful kitchen with full-sized appliances.

There’s a storage loft and back bedroom over the fifth wheel (accessible via stairs), as well as a spacious living room with electric fireplace, tons of windows and vaulted ceilings. The bathroom even has a full shower and tub, tiled to look like rustic faux wood!

Enjoy the tour below, and contact Timbercraft for more information on getting your own (prices vary on finishes, so there’s not a set price for this unit).

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The Denali XL: 41 Feet of Tiny House Magic!

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