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When their customers wanted more space on their narrow lot, it was really not a problem for Deltec Homes. This is a three-level house built on a narrow lot known as the Cresent Chalet.

It was custom designed and built by Deltec Homes which specializes in customized prefabricated residential homes that ship anywhere out of Asheville, North Carolina.

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Three-level Deltec Home Built on a Narrow Lot

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This is a 746-sq.-ft., 2-bedroom prefab home on stilts by Deltec Homes. I know it’s not very tiny, but we love featuring small homes too!

It’s a one-story, 32-ft. diameter energy-efficient compact home that’s available as a shell or turnkey. The shell starts at $75,000-$118,000 depending on your options while the turnkey begins from $290,000-$450,000. What do you think?  

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32-ft. Diameter Prefab Home by Deltec Homes

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