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I thought I’d let you know that Dee Williams and her team at PAD Tiny Houses have made the Sweet Pea tiny house design available to the public.

It’s a design that was created for their friend Gina who wanted a tiny house that she can maybe start a family in. What do you think? Can you see yourself starting a family in this tiny house? There’s a sleeping loft up top that’s able to accommodate mom and dad. Then there’s a pull-out bed below that would work for a child.

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Sweet Pea Tiny House on Wheels by PAD Tiny Houses

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans

Photos by Chris Tack

Do you think this tiny house is spacious enough for a young family who enjoys simplicity? I encourage you to tour the rest of the house below then share your thoughts in the comments at the bottom:

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I’ve been wanting to remind you about this for the last few weeks because it’s a great way to help a fellow tiny house person who could really use it.

And the great part is you can get a “perk” as a thanks for helping. Now there’s a cool way to encourage giving, right? Although we should all be humbled by those who give anonymously just because they want to.

Anyway, many of you have heard of Kim Langston who has been having to rebuild her tiny house because her first one was burned down in a mysterious barn fire last summer.

So what I’d like to do (with your help) is continue to help Kim go back from this:


To this:


It’s totally optional to contribute. But if you can spare anything and feel like doing it, then do go for it! Otherwise, no problem and no worries! Just enjoy the video below and don’t worry because those of us who are able to pitch in will. 🙂

Watch the Video Below:

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My idea for this post on the tiny house movement and building social infrastructure for it took a few twists and turns before it became the finished product you’re about to read.

It started with this video, featuring Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings and the folks from Boneyard Studios in DC.

Something that Dee said really stuck with me, though I imagine that most just let the statement go by.

She said, “the relationships that I have developed by living small have really surprised me. All of a sudden I’ve got a different relationship with the sun, I’ve got a different relationship to my friends, a different relationship with the food co-op, and the library and the Laundromat and all of these spaces and resources that I don’t think I put too much thought into before and now all of a sudden those people and places they make my life possible and they give me a sense of home.”

Dee Williams at Tiny House Workshop

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It is funny for me to turn on HGTV and see a small house about the size of my own called an “Extreme Home.” For me, and I am sure for most tiny house dwellers, these little spaces are just “home,” not extreme at all. On Thursday, December 6th HGTV aired a segment on tiny house bloggers Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith along with their tiny home designer Dee Williams.

The segment, only a few minutes long, was a quick look into the way tiny house owners live their daily lives. The integration of their environment to their daily activities is most notable and I think is one of the most fascinating things I notice about people who chose to simplify their lives in this way. None of us just slog through life waiting for the next thing to happen to us. We are people who take control of our world and face it deliberately. They focus on Tammy leaving her corporate job to pursue writing. I believe that this drastic lifestyle overhaul is what allows many of us to live our dreams.
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Rowdy Kitten's Tiny Home

Photo Courtesy of RowdyKittens.com

I encourage you to read more about tiny houses featured on HGTV below:

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This is a tour of a Seattle Tiny Home on Wheels with Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen of Relaxshacks.com.

You’ll even see Jay Shafer and Dee Williams appear sporadically in the video too since this tour was held at a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop. It’s a really unique design and the little home features a kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, and two sleeping lofts. I really enjoy the pop-out window in the bathroom, too. So glad that Deek was able to capture the house and share it with us. So without further ado…

Seattle Tiny Homes. 🙂

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Seattle Tiny House on Wheels with Deek

Seattle Tiny Homes Video Tour

Photo Credits Derek Diedricksen/YouTube.com

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This is a tour of the original Dee Williams Tiny House!

She originally built it for less than $10,000 USD. Isn’t that crazy? What if your house was only $10,000 and paid off?

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This is the tiny house that she built for less than $10k

Dee Williams Tiny House Tour! Photo by Tammy Strobel

Photos Courtesy of Tammy Strobel

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A radio interview with Dee Williams, author of Go House Go, was just published how she has been living in a tiny house for 7 years.

She was interviewed on Earth Beat by Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Dee has gone from 1,500 square feet to a tiny house on a trailer that consists of just 84 square feet.

Dee Williams has been Living in a Tiny House for Seven Years

In the interview, Dee explains how her only living expense is a $7 per month propane bill. Her water comes from the tap from her neighbor, who’s backyard she’s parked in. In exchange, Dee barters her time.

Thanks to her low living expenses she only has to work part-time which frees her up to do what she loves and help the people around her. According to the interview, Dee owns about 305 things, if you count everything.

Seven Years in a Tiny House

Listen in to the interview so you can hear someone’s direct experiences on living in a tiny house for seven years, including…

  • Reasons why she loves living tiny
  • Why she could go even smaller
  • Her biggest surprises since downsizing
Dee Williams - Tiny House Radio Interview

Photo Courtesy of Dee Williams

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Some of you may already know about Dee Williams’ Don Vardo which is meant to be a cute writing studio, guest suite or just a weekend get-away wagon.

These little gypsy-style caravans are a great alternative to travel trailers, tent camping, and teardrop campers.

They’re as aesthetically pleasing as a tiny house on a trailer with the functionality and ease of mobility of a small camper.

Dee Williams’ Portland Alternative Dwellings

PAD is a tiny house construction company that’s based in Portland, Oregon. The organization is dedicated to building small spaces that are better for the environment.

Right now all of their structures are designed to be constructed on trailers so that you can take it with you wherever life takes you. Customers of Portland Alternative Dwellings have been using them for…

  • Backyard office space
  • Guest quarters
  • Writing studios
  • Retreats
  • Camping trailers

Vardo Tiny House on Wheels by Dee Williams

PAD Don Vardo by Dee WilliamsPhoto Credit Portland Alternative Dwellings

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This is a mini-booklet that focuses on how to connect a tiny house onto a trailer. How to keep the walls and roof from twisting, leaning, warping, or buckling.

There’s also helpful information on avoiding moisture plus a list of common building materials.

It’s not a long book but has enough technical information on…

  • Permits
  • Size restrictions
  • Connecting walls and roof
  • Floor construction

…and other resources to get you started.

Go House Go: How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels

Go House Go: How to Build a Tiny House on Wheels by Dee Williams

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