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Not long ago I told you about Dee Williams and her book tour for The Big Tiny.

Not that many of us got to go visit her while she was touring (lucky for you if you did!) but in case you missed her you can at least see some of what you missed right here (below). Below is a video of her speech in Boulder, Colorado where she met fans, signed book copies, and shared her story with others. Please enjoy and re-share. 🙂

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Dee Williams on Tiny Housing in Boulder, Colorado

If you’re interested you can get a copy of Dee’s book The Big Tiny. She also offers a book on how to build tiny houses, plans, and workshops at her company PAD Tiny Houses.

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If you’re like me you also love watching tiny house videos.

Whether they are tours of space saving small homes…

Or interviews with experts on simple living.

That’s why I decided to gather and share three of my favorite “classic” videos on the tiny house movement starting with…

1. Dee Williams in 2008

See below to enjoy the other two of my favorite tiny house movement videos below:

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How would your life be with no mortgage, no car, and a teeny tiny house to call home? When I first heard about Tammy Strobel and her husband Logan they were living simply in a minimalist apartment. Today they are living in their own mortgage-free tiny house on wheels designed and built by PAD Tiny Houses.

But why? Around six years ago Tammy was dissatisfied with her life because she was commuting for two hours every day just to go to a job that she didn’t even like. They were $30k in debt, owned two cars, and were living in a two-bedroom apartment. So Logan suggested they downsize.

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Mortgage-free Tiny House Couple

Tammy and Logan: Couple Living Simply Debt-free and Car-free in a Tiny House

Image: Faircompanies

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I thought I’d let you know that Dee Williams and her team at PAD Tiny Houses have made the Sweet Pea tiny house design available to the public.

It’s a design that was created for their friend Gina who wanted a tiny house that she can maybe start a family in. What do you think? Can you see yourself starting a family in this tiny house? There’s a sleeping loft up top that’s able to accommodate mom and dad. Then there’s a pull-out bed below that would work for a child.

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Sweet Pea Tiny House on Wheels by PAD Tiny Houses

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans

Photos by Chris Tack

Do you think this tiny house is spacious enough for a young family who enjoys simplicity? I encourage you to tour the rest of the house below then share your thoughts in the comments at the bottom:

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I’ve been wanting to remind you about this for the last few weeks because it’s a great way to help a fellow tiny house person who could really use it.

And the great part is you can get a “perk” as a thanks for helping. Now there’s a cool way to encourage giving, right? Although we should all be humbled by those who give anonymously just because they want to.

Anyway, many of you have heard of Kim Langston who has been having to rebuild her tiny house because her first one was burned down in a mysterious barn fire last summer.

So what I’d like to do (with your help) is continue to help Kim go back from this:


To this:


It’s totally optional to contribute. But if you can spare anything and feel like doing it, then do go for it! Otherwise, no problem and no worries! Just enjoy the video below and don’t worry because those of us who are able to pitch in will. 🙂

Watch the Video Below:

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My idea for this post on the tiny house movement and building social infrastructure for it took a few twists and turns before it became the finished product you’re about to read.

It started with this video, featuring Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings and the folks from Boneyard Studios in DC.

Something that Dee said really stuck with me, though I imagine that most just let the statement go by.

She said, “the relationships that I have developed by living small have really surprised me. All of a sudden I’ve got a different relationship with the sun, I’ve got a different relationship to my friends, a different relationship with the food co-op, and the library and the Laundromat and all of these spaces and resources that I don’t think I put too much thought into before and now all of a sudden those people and places they make my life possible and they give me a sense of home.”

Dee Williams at Tiny House Workshop

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