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Have you ever wanted to learn tiny house design and construction from tiny house icon Dee Williams?

Now you can…in New Zealand!

Design/Build Tiny with Dee Williams in New Zealand – March 3-16, 2019

Dee Williams Tiny House Workshop

Dee Williams of PAD Tiny Houses will be co-leading a hands-on tiny house workshop in Nelson, New Zealand from March 3 to March 16, 2019. The workshop’s small group of participants will work collaboratively on the construction of a tiny house on a foundation during the day, and work individually on their own tiny house designs at night — all with expert instruction from Dee and Lizabeth Moniz from the Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont.

Read on to learn more about the workshop, why Dee is excited to head to New Zealand, and why you should be too!

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Brattleboro Tiny House Fest grows into big ideas

Brattleboro, Vermont — Tiny House Fest Vermont (THFV) began with 5,000 attendees in 2016. As the festival grows, so does its engagement with not-so-tiny ideas. On Saturday, June 23, in downtown Brattleboro, up to 30 houses will be on view, and over 35 presenters will celebrate design while asking how the tiny house movement can change communities for the better.

TH Village

View of the Pop up Tiny House Village in downtown Brattleboro. While Hurricane Harvey passed through the area, the number of houses and attendees who came to tour tiny houses and see presenters increased over the year prior. Credit: Liz Lavorgna, Core Photography

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How small a house is just too small? Dee Williams, a pioneer in the tiny house movement, is pushing her personal limits by downsizing (again).

You may know Dee because she’s lived in an 84 square foot home for the last 13 years, but now she’s downsizing…into a one-level, 56 square foot house.

Will it be too small? Maybe! But she’s curious and plans to find out!

Dee’s Current House: The Kozy Kabin

Dee Williams Kozy Kabin Tiny House

All photos © PAD Tiny Houses

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