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More and more builders are understanding the need for tiny homes without lofts, and Tiny Mountain Houses just completed a beautiful custom build for a client that looks like the perfect home for aging-in-place! The spacious bedroom even has a standard closet and plenty of room to walk on two sides of the queen bed.

The main area consists of the living room — with space for a sectional — and the kitchen, which features full-sized appliances including a dishwasher. The 3/4 bathroom has lots of built-in linen storage, and a shower stall. What do you like most about this model?

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Single-Level Charm in This Custom-Built THOW

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The Gallaway Tiny House on Wheels — built by Modern Tiny Living — is 28 feet of gorgeous craftsmanship. There’s a tiny porch that leads into a rarely-seen-in-THOWs mudroom, where you can hang up your coat and put away your shoes.

Part of the kitchen is a breakfast nook with huge windows to let in the morning sun. While the color scheme is bright and white, the deep teal cabinets add a pop of color. Conjoined staircases (with oodles of storage) take you up to each loft, and a catwalk (complete with cat door) connect the lofts.

In the bathroom you’ll find a washer/dryer unit, toilet and shower. Enjoy the photo and video tours below, and contact the builder here to get one of your very own!

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This Tiny House Has an Awesome Catwalk & A Mudroom!

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Check out this itty bitty camper, called the “Keywest Simplicity,” built by Massachusetts builder, Coddiwomple. This is one of a couple of builds by Christopher Thompson and his team, and comes in at 8 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 6 feet tall.

It’s reminiscent of a blend between a teardrop camper and a Hobbit hole, with two porthole doors that bring you into the main living space. There are two round chairs that fit into the counterspace behind them, and a giant round bed. You can stand upright in the center, where there’s an awesome skylight.

Coddiwomple makes custom orders, and a model like this starts at $10,000. You can get in touch via his Facebook group here.

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Teardrop Camper? Hobbit Hole? One-Of-A-Kind Tiny Creation!

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The Culp by Movable Roots is one large tiny house complete with a ground-floor bedroom and a walk-in jacuzzi tub (added by the clients’ request).

With lofts, this custom build comes in at a whopping 500 sq ft, and features two “office” lofts with built-in desks for working from home (they’ll double as guest rooms). The kitchen comes with a cooktop, stove, 10 cubic foot refrigerator and a washer & dryer.

But wait — there’s more! Something I’ve never seen on a THOW before: A screened in porch that’s part of the build itself. Pretty neat! Enjoy the pictures below and contact Movable Roots for more information and pricing.

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Movable Roots Builds Incredible Custom-Built Culp Tiny House on Wheels with Built-in Porch, Loft Office, Jacuzzi Bathtub, And More…

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What makes Miranda’s Tiny House on Wheels so special? She and her mom built it as a public art project with the help of more than 50 volunteers! It took them one year of weekends to complete the build.

But what makes it even cooler? Nearly everything in the house is a work of art — from the ceramic dishes to the toilet paper holder! You’ll love the folding staircase, and the hideaway antique dining table that seats up to four dinner guests.

Miranda also happens to run the Massachusetts Tiny House Festival, which is currently still scheduled for October 17th & 18th this year! Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey did an awesome video tour/interview with Miranda that you’ll want to watch below to get all the details.

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Miranda’s Tiny House Art Project

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This is a custom-built Bright & White ONE XL from ESCAPE tiny homes that’s headed to the ESCAPE Tampa Village we told you about last week. This unit may still be available on sale right now for $4,300 off. See this page for availability and more details.

It all started with the ONE XL model and now this tiny home boasts all kinds of upgrades including a large living area with a fireplace complete with custom built-ins and a walkway that connects the lofts. Make sure to check out the video tour below. Enjoy!

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Custom ONE XL Model from ESCAPE

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This is a custom-built tiny house on wheels in Bozeman, Montana. It has all the features of a full-sized home, and it is for sale at $64,900. You may view the posting at the Facebook Tiny House Marketplace Group.

It features a beautiful reclaimed wood exterior, living room that can accommodate a full-size couch, kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and bedroom that fits a queen-size bed and has plenty of storage. It has a separate bathroom, and the buyer can choose the toilet that suits them. Check out the photos and share your thoughts. Would you like to live in this tiny house? If you want to ask more questions or make an offer, please do it here.

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220sf Custom Tiny House For Sale At $65k In Bozeman, Montana

220sf Custom Tiny House With Full Sized Home Features In Montana (For Sale)

Images via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace/NoahWeinstein

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This is the latest from Tiny Idahomes: A Custom Clear Creek 16′ Tiny House on Wheels.

Tinies of this length can’t fit much, but Tiny Idahomes did a great job including everything that their customer wanted — even a custom corner bookshelf that reaches from floor to ceiling. It has a storage staircase that leads to the loft bedroom, a kitchen complete with fridge and induction cooktop, and a tiny bathroom with composting toilet.

Be sure to take the video tour below for all the details. Enjoy!

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Custom Clear Creek 16′ Tiny House on Wheels

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This is the latest from Alpine Tiny Homes in Utah: A live-edge beetle kill tiny home on a 28 ft. gooseneck.

The home, built for an an artist, features both a loft kid’s bedroom (with under-bed storage) as well as a gooseneck master bedroom. I really love the studio loft with a skylight where the artist can make masterpieces! The u-shaped kitchen and full bath both feature gorgeous copper sinks, and there’s even a doggy and cat door under the gooseneck stairs.

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Live-Edge Beetle Kill Gooseneck by Alpine Tiny Homes

Images via Alpine Tiny Homes Facebook

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