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Here’s a 861 sq. ft. Mediterranean garden cottage. This cute small cottage has a beautiful garden terrace with large French doors and plenty of windows.

The home consists of one large room that combines the living, dining and kitchen. There is one bathroom that’s next to the stairs.

Up the stairs is the open sleeping loft. I like how you can see the whole house from up there.

But don’t you think there is plenty of space for either a bigger loft or two lofts?

Please enjoy and share below.

861 Sq. Ft. Mediterranean Garden Cottage

861 sq ft Mediterranean Garden Cottage

Images © Airbnb

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A cozy vacation cottage tucked away in the woods of Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada. This cottage was restored by the owners who are very crafty with woodworking, stain glass and plastering. They call it the Artwood Cottage.

The cottage has a sleeping loft, open living and dining room, a small kitchen and bathroom with composting toilet.

You can see their creative touches throughout the cottage including earthy textured plastering on the walls.

They’ve replaced the wooden stairs that lead up to the sleeping loft. And check out the custom railing upstairs. Plus the fireplace downstairs seems to be wrapped with natural stone.

Explore the Artwood Cottage below.

Artwood Cottage with Loft in British Columbia

Artwood Cottage with Loft in British Columbia

Images © Artwood Cottage

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This 160 sq. ft. tiny cottage with a loft is absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? This tiny house is located on a farm south of Stockholm. It’s there for guests (there’s a larger home on the property too).

For me, there’s something even more special about tiny houses without wheels. It’s just so classic and simple. I love it. How about you? I like the covered front door and I also really like the colors they used (red, white, teal, and black). It’s just awesome, isn’t it?

When you go inside you’ll find open living space, a tiny kitchen, and an upstairs sleeping loft. That’s about it! There’s no bathroom inside because there’s a wonderful separate bathhouse with dual showers. That’s where your washer/dryer is located, also. What do you think of this setup? Would it work for you?

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Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

Beautiful Tiny Cottage with Separate Dual-shower Bathhouse

Images © Svenskfast

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I think you will absolutely love this small guest cottage.

Perfect size for out-of-town guests visiting for a while.

The bright white walls and windows make this small space seem huge!

Alisha and her husband, Graham of Fairfax, CA decided it was time to renovate their studio cottage.

This 320 sq ft guest cottage has a vintage California laid back charm to it. Their friends often ask when they can move in.

Alisha says her biggest challenge with the renovation was convincing her husband to let her paint everything white.

I think they made a great choice because this guest cottage is super cute!

Tiny Backyard Guest Cottage You Can Probably Live In

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