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320 Sq. Ft Bright and White Guest Cottage You Can Probably Live In

I think you will absolutely love this small guest cottage.

Perfect size for out-of-town guests visiting for a while.

The bright white walls and windows make this small space seem huge!

Alisha and her husband, Graham of Fairfax, CA decided it was time to renovate their studio cottage.

This 320 sq ft guest cottage has a vintage California laid back charm to it. Their friends often ask when they can move in.

Alisha says her biggest challenge with the renovation was convincing her husband to let her paint everything white.

I think they made a great choice because this guest cottage is super cute!

Tiny Backyard Guest Cottage You Can Probably Live In

View of Sleeping Loft and Kitchen Below


Living Room with Loft Above


Images: Alyssa Remington

Even though this is a guest house, most of us would agree this would make a great small space to live the simple life in.

I encourage you to check out more photos and information on this guest cottage over at Apartment Therapy.

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  • cahow
    February 21, 2014, 11:12 am

    How can I NOT *love* this wee home?!?! It resembles my own tiny cottage so closely, they could be twins! Absolutely charming; it’s SO very refreshing to see the increasing amount of tiny homes that are “traditional”, insomuch as they have lovely decorating, art, rugs, and spit in the face of ‘Less IS More’. Sorry, as an artist and architect, less is just…LESS, in my book.

    I highly recommend following the link to their site: many more photos and many questions answered. I adore that she has her Gran’s favourite saying “Offta” on the lounge wall; my own Swedish Gran said that daily but in Minnesota, we spell it “Uffdah”.

    I am curious, since it’s a rehab, HOW much of the 1940’s charm is original? My kitchen faucets and sink set up with the cut out bottom are identical, as are the much beloved white glazed tiles in the loo. We also share the beautiful built in cabinets in the bedroom, complete with the half moon handles. Either these details were integral to the original cottage or this couple (plus baby makes 3!) are geniuses at ‘set designs’.

    Excepting the loft (at age 60, my loft days are past), I give this place 10 stars!

  • Jennie Killough (@JennieKillough)
    February 21, 2014, 3:53 pm

    Very nice! I like the all white. I think the warm wood floors balance it well.

  • Andrea W.
    March 26, 2015, 1:13 pm

    Cute. I wish some of these house tours ere videoed so we could get a better idea of the layout.

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