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Meet Ben and Meag of the Wild Drive Life. They are a couple who over the past five years simplified their life, paid off over $100,000 in student loan/vehicle debt, and converted an old prison bus into their very own rolling tiny home.

See how these two health-loving hikers are traveling and sharing their journey in their very own self-converted bus since January 2018.

Below you’ll find a video tour of their awesome custom bus conversion. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thanks!

Couple Payoff Over $100k in Debt and Convert an Old Prison Bus into their own Mortgage-free Rolling Tiny Home

Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-001

Images via Wild Drive Life

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This is the Adventure or Bust School Bus Conversion, owned by high school sweethearts Brittany and Steven.

They chose a bus conversion over a traditional tiny house because it would cost less (they spent $17,600 on the build, see the breakdown here) and be easier to transport to accommodate their travels. The coolest part? You can follow the whole conversion on their blog, and if you have questions about this skoolie conversion, they provided a handy list of FAQs which they answered for you.

Check out their beautiful pictures and then enjoy the video tour on the last page!

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Adventure or Bust School Bus Conversion: Tour!

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This is the story of how a nomadic couple, Molly and Al, have gone from living on the road in their converted bus to living in a homestead on their own land in New Zealand.

When you go through their homestead you’ll see they still have their house truck. In addition, you’ll find they have tiny structures throughout that serve a variety of purposes to meet their needs. You’ll also see the Molly and Al are now growing their own food, using solar and wind power, and more. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Nomadic Couple Go from Converted Bus to Homestead Living

Couple go from Nomadic Converted Bus Living to Micro Homestead Life in New Zealand 001

Images © Living Big in a Tiny House via YouTube

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This couple took a 1993 Ford School Bus and converted it into their very own DIY motorhome cabin in only 3 months time.

The conversion took a lot of hard work but now they have been living in the bus and traveling for more than four years.

It has a diesel engine and the bus is built on a Thomas chassis. Please enjoy and re-share below.

Couple Convert School Bus into DIY Motorhome Cabin


Image © On the Road/YouTube

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