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This is Jay Craig’s U-Haul box truck to off-grid tiny house conversion. It’s a submission that’s part of the 2020 Simple Solar Homesteading Off-Grid Design Contest, where you can win several prizes just for sharing your design and/or build!

So this is a 17-ft. U-Haul that is being turned into a completely custom off-grid tiny house with a bathroom and everything. The vehicle was purchased for $5,000 and an additional $10,000 was spent on materials. It’s been two years of laboring away on it on the side. Take a look and learn more below! And submit your design to the contest right here.

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U-Haul Box Truck Turned Off-Grid Tiny House

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This is to announce the off-grid houses on the move tiny house design contest for 2020. The contest is being held by LaMar Alexander of Simple Solar Homesteading and the SolarCabin YouTube Channel.

He’s one of the original off-grid cabin YouTubers, he’s designed a variety of tiny homes with offered plans, and this is your chance to submit a tiny house design and win one of several awesome tiny house related prizes. And it’s a fun chance to enjoy other enthusiast design submissions. So please, learn more and enjoy below. Thanks!

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Off Grid Houses On The Move Tiny House Design Contest For 2020!

Off Grid Houses On The Move Tiny House Design Contest 2020 Hosted by LaMar Alexander via SimpleSolarHomesteading-com 001

Images © LaMar Alexander, Walden Cabin

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This is to announce the 2020 Tiny Idahomes Photo Contest. Tiny Idahomes, builder out of Emmett, Idaho, is accepting your tiny house photos through December 10, 2019 at [email protected].

If you enjoy getting to show off and share your tiny home, your photos may be used in their upcoming 2020 tiny house calendar! So if you’re interested, just send in your photos to [email protected]. 🙂

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Tiny Idahomes Photo Contest for 2020 Calendar

Tiny Idahomes Photo Contest

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This 280 sq. ft. solar tiny cabin design is part of LaMar’s tiny house design contest.

It’s designed by Adam who has plans of building his own 14’x14′ cabin to live in.

It will use solar panels to power the lighting inside.

And propane for cooking, heat and heating water.

Adam’s 280 Sq. Ft. Off Grid Cabin Design

Solar-Powered Off Grid Cabin 3D Front View

Go ahead and enjoy the full 3D tour below:

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Last week I told you about LaMar’s off grid tiny house design contest.

If you decide to participate and submit your own design you can win books, solar panels and even up to $500 in cash.

All of the details are available right here at LaMar’s website.

But today I wanted to show you one of the very first submissions.

It’s a 192 sq. ft. off grid cabin.


As you can see there are plans for solar power, water collection and more:

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