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I’ve never seen such a colorful container home! This former Airbnb in Florida is largely yellow, with blue and green frames painted around the doors and windows. It really makes the outside feel tropical.

You walk through the French doors and the interior is much more modern. There’s an open-concept sleek, spacious kitchen/living area followed by the bathroom, and then finally a private bedroom. The doors on each end open up, one set with nature views. Tell us what you think!

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One Bedroom, One Bath Former Airbnb

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Container homes are becoming popular all over the world — this one is tucked into the rugged landscape of Sicily! It features awesome bubble windows on either side and a window wall with views overlooking the countryside. Private and idyllic, this modern stay is something to write home about.

There’s an outdoor jacuzzi and a large terrace where you can enjoy a glass of wine. Inside, one-half of the container is dedicated to a sleeping area/kitchenette, and the rest is an open-concept bathroom complete with a rainfall shower head. What is your favorite part of this container?

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Gorgeous Container with Bubble Windows & A Hot Tub

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Martha had been wanting to go tiny for a long time and one day she came across Randy and Incredible Tiny Homes on YouTube. She stayed up all night watching his videos, found out about his community, got in touch with them, and put down a deposit — all in a couple of days!

She loves her one-floor tiny home, dubbed the “Death Star” by her neighbors. As an avid Star Wars fan, she also loves the name. Most of all, though, she loves the community! Every day she has coffee or lunch or dinner or walks with neighbors who are all living tiny just like she is.

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Her Slice of Heaven in the Incredible Forest Community

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When Lea was diagnosed with endometriosis, she needed to find a more flexible source of income that would allow her to manage her condition and take time off as needed. The city of Albuquerque allows for ADUs, so she and her husband chose to purchase a shipping container and transform it into an Airbnb.

They also have an older adobe home, so their plan is that once the container home has paid for itself, they will move in and renovate their small home. The income stream is just what Lea needed, and she used her amazing design skills to make it quite the home!

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Route 66 Container Home w/ Unique Kitchen

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Dashael had experience in commercial construction, making him a perfect candidate to complete this epic three-story shipping container home, built out of 5 shipping containers. While hardly tiny, the home is actually split in two — the bottom 950 square feet are Dash’s personal abode, while the top 900 square feet make up his Airbnb.

He even used a container standing upright to house a giant industrial staircase which connects all three “sections” of the build. The inside of the Red Steel House includes a loft bedroom, two bathrooms and a washer/dryer unit.

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His Container Home & Airbnb Construction

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The fact that Cameron’s DIY container home sits over a stream is just the first of many unique features in this 125 square foot shipping container turned tiny house.

Inside you’ll find a electric bed lift over the living room, which allows you to transform the couch into a bed with the push of the button. But the real magic happens over in the bathroom, where the large closet actually pulls out of the shower when it’s time to wash up!

Watch this transforming house in action in Jenna’s tour below. While Cameron did live in it for a few months, he now rents it out on Airbnb while he builds another tiny house for himself.

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The Closet Pulls Out of the Shower in this Container Home!

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Container homes are an awesome way to reduce-reuse-recycle, and with the cost of lumber these days it’s likely somewhat more economical than the alternative.

These are plans for a container home (estimated $20,000 in materials to build — expect to pay more today as material costs have gone up quite a lot since this was estimated) that includes a downstairs bedroom and epic rooftop deck with a full staircase!

The example home below has dark, modern finishes, but you could — of course — make it look like whatever you want. You can buy the plans here.

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Get Plans For A Container Home w/ Rooftop Deck!

Model One Tiny House Plans 6

Images via Tiny House Plans

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This is a cool tiny house built with the combination of contemporary style and reclaimed wood for sale at $19,500 via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace Group by Hummingbird Homes out of Montgomery, Texas.

It features this bare look from the outside and a beautifully finished interior. The sale of this container home comes with an offer of the paint job of your choice but you might like the rustic look? Before you start wondering, the bed space is an open concept, and fits a queen size futon according to the seller. Does this meet your criteria for a perfect tiny house? Get more details, check out the photos or cut a deal with the seller through this post.

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$19k Contemporary Style Container Home For Sale in Texas

$19k Contemporary Style Tiny House For Sale...Price Drop!

Images via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace/Kyle Moe

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These are our top 12 shipping container tiny homes from 2018.

People do amazing things with these big metal boxes, so it’s time we appreciate the top 12 shipping container homes of 2018. Tell us what you think!

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Top 12 Shipping Container Tiny Homes of 2018

1. 20ft Luxury Shipping Container Tiny House


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