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Murphy beds are such an awesome way to save space in a tiny house and not need a loft bedroom! You don’t have to make a bed every day (just fold it away!) but there are no ladders or stairs needed. This Baja Surf Shack makes use of the Murphy bed, as well as a “Murphy deck” that unfolds when you arrive at your destination.

There’s also a kitchen and bathroom in the set-up, and a “flex loft” which you can use for storage (or guests) if you would like. It’s for sale over at Tiny House Marketplace for $90,000.

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THOW w/ Fold Up Deck, Murphy Bed and Modern Flair

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This tiny house on wheels was built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for a woman in New Mexico. The 24 ft THOW features oxidized rusty metal siding and space for a Murphy bed the owner installed after delivery.

One unique feature of the home is the door that leads into the bathroom, and a bathroom staircase that takes you up to the storage loft. Appliances include a stacked washer/dryer unit and a dishwasher in the kitchen!

You can contact Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses (located in Colorado) here.

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Her 24 Ft THOW with Murphy Bed & Dishwasher

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Sometimes we want “it all” right away — I know I don’t have tons of patience! But Marty’s story shows that sometimes patience pays off.

He chose to build a bare-bones tiny house — which didn’t even have running water for awhile — over paying the high rent in Durango, Colorado for an apartment that wasn’t dog-friendly. For the past four years he’s been improving upon the space and adding plumbing, etc. to make it more like home for himself and his girlfriend.

Check out the awesome video tour from Allison at Tiny Home Tours below!

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Living Debt-Free in His Durango, CO Tiny Home

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Tracy is an amazing single mom who is supporting her two children, Jack and Anna, while working flexible hours (many from her tiny house). They live in a “Tiny Town” village in Durango, Colorado, where they’ve been now for three years.

Because of their THOW she’s able to keep her kids first and work around their needs and schedule, while still affording a beautiful home for them to live and grow in. Oh, and they also have two cats! Enjoy the video tour from Tiny Home Tours/YouTube below.

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One Mom, Two Kids, Three Years Living In Their Tiny Home on Wheels!

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Part of what draws people to tiny homes is the chance to have something that’s truly yours, not only monetarily, but design-wise.

That’s why you have to love a builder like MitchCraft Tiny Homes in Colorado that can deliver Elise and Clara’s Amazing Gooseneck: A truly unique home built to the couple’s needs and specifications. Just looking at the outside you know this has to be custom with its blend of textures, materials, and colors. Walk inside and you’ll find a two-bedroom home featuring a private gooseneck master and another loft bedroom accessible via storage steps. Plus, the amount of storage in this THOW is just incredible! Scroll through the pictures and get additional details and builder contact information below. Enjoy!

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Elise and Clara’s Amazing MitchCraft Gooseneck Tiny House on Wheels

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Meet Eric and Oliver’s Cedar Mansion built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The 33 ft. THOW was built on a 10 ft. wide gooseneck trailer and includes tons of space, including not one, but two, living rooms! Yet, in my eyes the kitchen steals the show: It’s spacious and perfect for entertaining, and I’ve never seen this much counter space in a tiny home. Plus the cabinets are the most beautiful shade of deep turquoise blue! Enjoy the pictures, and find additional details and contact information for MitchCraft below!

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Eric and Oliver’s Cedar Mansion by MitchCraft

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I thought you’d like to know about this Colorado Tiny House for sale. (Update: SOLD)

It’s a really small minimalist cabin built on a 6’x10′ single axle trailer.

You can use it as an off grid micro house or a mortgage-free backyard guest house.

Or you might even be able to find a campsite to park it at and live simply out of it that way.

74 Square Feet Tiny House For Sale


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Learn more including how to buy it (and how much) below:

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