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Personally, I think this sculptural home looks like a dragon, but the Airbnb description says this 70s build was a “giant seashell unicorn” which is equally magical. Designed by two architecture students, it was largely abandoned until someone bought the home in 2017 and restored it to its former glory.

Sitting among the trees in Austin, Texas, this unique “Bloomhouse” features a main bedroom, a second-floor sitting area, and a full kitchen. The interior feels much like living inside a giant coral reef! Coming in at 1100 square feet, it’s more of a “small” dwelling.

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Architecture Students’ 70s Brainchild Meticulously Restored

The Bloomhouse giant seashell unicorn Vacation 2 56

Images via Airbnb/Lodgewell

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Looking for a unique home style? This Owl Hill House was built by artists in the 1980s and has a funky, sculptural feel. The furniture is all built into the walls and gives you a cozy Hobbit-like spot to vacation.

There’s a bed, full kitchen, and bathroom, as well as a cozy round living space with a wood-burning stove. While the Airbnb listing doesn’t mention it, this looks like a cob home with plaster walls!

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570 Sq Ft Owl Hill House

Sculptural Plaster Home from the 80s

Images via Mark/Airbnb

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This adobe home was originally community-built in the late 1800s, and was recently renovated and restored to the beautiful vacation property it is today. It sits next to a 70-year-old pecan orchard that provides a peaceful vista for those who come to stay.

Inside the home has everything you could want including a full kitchen, a bathroom with copper soaking tub and pebble shower, and even a sauna! There’s a large covered porch outside that overlooks the pecan trees, with plenty of comfortable lawn furniture.

The home is located in La Mesa, New Mexico, and yes there’s modern heat/air-conditioning and wifi!

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1800s-Built Adobe Home w/ Private Orchard

100-Year-Old Adobe Home on a Pecan Orchard 26

Images via Airbnb/Paulo

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When Danny and Katherine first learned about cob building, they were hooked! But they couldn’t jump right in due to a number of circumstances. Eventually, they were able to build a “trial” cob tiny home on her parents’ property, where they lived for a few years while saving and planning for their forever home on their own property which they own outright!

They’ve been in this 700-800 square foot cob dwelling now for a couple of years, and the lack of debt allows Katherine to stay home with her daughter. The house is absolutely stunning inside, with all kinds of details they spent a decade planning out “just right.” They even used all recycled windows to keep costs down and to be more sustainable.

Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey did a great video tour with the couple which you can watch below, where you’ll even learn a bit about cob building. And if you really want to delve in, Danny and Katherine teach cob-building classes!

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Their 700 Square Foot Cob Home Built For Family Life

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