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Every now and again, we see a home that just makes our jaws drop — and this is one of them! This amazing Norwegian family designed and built an incredible glass dome around their cob house built only from natural and reclaimed materials.

The dome allows them to grow grapes, veggies and multiple fruit trees, and they have a wastewater recycling system that waters their plants from the water they use in the house. The whole set-up is mind-blowing, so please enjoy the video below!

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Norwegian Family’s Dome Home Recycles Water & Grows Food

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People have been building homes from earth for thousands of years, but here in the U.S. we have gotten far away from the practice. AECT Earth Block hopes to change that, and they produce innovative machines that compress earth into compact building bricks that are resistant to just about anything!

The company owner, Ryan, built his family’s 1000 square foot home using his machines and earth sourced from his own land. Even better, much of the wood and other elements inside the home were reclaimed locally, making this a super eco-friendly build!

Below there’s a tour of the house, and a video about the earth bricks. The equipment is for sale or rent, and you can purchase ready-made bricks as well.

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Totally Off-Grid 1000 sq. ft. Earthen Brick Home

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This cob structure sits at the Saoirse Learning Center, where the owner wants others to learn and experience tiny and alternative living styles:

Offering professionally conducted workshops and wellness retreats along with unique accommodation options, Jen and her crew are on a mission to help more people free themselves from the stresses of the modern world, to live in harmony with themselves and their surroundings, and learn how to live life more sustainably.

She has two other homes on her property, but I just love this dome and all the character inside and out!

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Saoirse Learning Center Sustainable Vacation

Earthen Dome with European Soaking Tub 8

Images via Airbnb/Jennifer

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I love Jordana’s lifestyle because it shows that you can enjoy the benefits of alternative lifestyles without necessarily owning anything — not even a van! She and her fiance rent two fun off-grid structures: A straw bale cabin and a little cob cabin, each of which are about 220 square feet, in Southern Oregon.

While the couple wanted to escape the city and jump into cob-building their own home right away, they decided to take it slow and learn to live in these structures and develop “land skills” before taking the plunge — which is so wise!

Jordana (@jordana_moon_home on Instagram) explains in our Q&A with her (read it all at the end of the post!) that they are more or less “glamping” with nothing more than 12V batteries to power a couple light bulbs and charge their phones, plus no internet access and no hot water in the cabins, which is a huge shift from city life. But in the process, they are getting closer to nature and learning more about how little they can live with and still love life.

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Off-Grid Life in Strawbale and Cob!

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