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This is the story of Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan. He built an inexpensive tiny home on a used boat trailer using mostly reclaimed materials.

Colby was able to build a low-cost tiny home with no debt, no building plans, mainly just by using creative ideas of his own that he picked up from years in the boating industry. Best of all, he didn’t have to break the bank to get it done. According to Colby’s Facebook, he spent $6,986.17 to build it but plans to spend a little more on improvements over time.

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Captain Colby’s Cruising Caravan Tiny Home on Wheels Built for less than $6,986.17

He Built a DIY Tiny House with Elevator Bed for Less Than $10k

Images © Leanne Stephens of Tiny Houses and Beyond

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This is the story of Rob’s $10k tiny home. Amazingly, he built it in just one week’s time!

So here’s a quick interview with him on how he did it, why he did it, and what it’s like.

Please enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

Rob’s $10k DIY Tiny House He Built in a Week

Robs 10k DIY Tiny Home Built in Just One Week

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This is the story of Ellen DegenerBUS. It’s a school bus tiny house that a young woman named Randy built for herself to escape high rent and live a simpler life!

She was able to buy and convert the school bus for about $13,000! Have you ever considered a school bus conversion like this?

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She beat the system and escaped high rent by building a school bus tiny home for only $13,000

Ellen DegenerBUS Skoolie Tiny House

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is Johnny’s low cost skoolie school bus conversion tiny house!

Sometimes it is all about hitting the road regardless of everything else. This skoolie build is a perfect example of such a situation. No bells, no whistles. All you see in this build is what is needed to live full time on the road!

Could you see yourself hitting the road in a simple school bus conversion like this?

Young Man’s Low Cost School Bus Conversion ‘Skoolie’ Tiny Home!

Johnnys Low Cost Skoolie 001

Images © YouTube/Tiny Home Tours

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Mandy Harris

Mandy Harris/Rock Mountain Tiny Homes

We hear it all the time…Why do tiny houses cost so much?

Folks on the coasts or in big cities (who could easily pay $400-900K for a home) typically understand it, but if you are from a more rural spot where you can get a regular home for $70,000, the cost of tiny house can seem exorbitant.

In order to help you see where all that money goes when a builder creates a tiny house for you to purchase ready-made, I’m relying on a great breakdown from our friends at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. Then we’ll compare that with a DIY-ers cost breakdown.

Rock Mountain starts by laying out its goals: an 8×16 tiny house with average finishes should cost $35,000, while a larger one with great finishes should cost $80,000.

But Why?
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See how this married couple, Peter and Shannon, built their own tiny house for less than $20,000 and how they are living simply in it.

This is one of the most amazing tiny homes I’ve ever seen. I think you’ll be really impressed once you see what it’s like inside.

Inside this little cottage on wheels, you’ll find everything you want from home… A 28″ flat screen TV, washer/dryer, kitchen with large sink, staircase to the loft, and lots of windows and natural light throughout. All for under $20k.

Great work Peter, Shannon, Peter’s Dad, (and their friends, family, and building team). This is yet another amazing example of what you can do with your own custom tiny house project with enough dedication and good old fashion hard work.

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Updated January 7, 2019

Couple Build and Live in Tiny House for Less than $20k

Couple Build and Live in Tiny House for Less than $20k

Images © Peter and Shannon/TinyLike.us

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This is the story of a man who built his own tiny house for less than $500.

His name is Scott and he calls it his transforming tiny home because it has a custom and very simple fold-out bed. And here’s what’s really interesting. This is the biggest house he’s had in almost 3 years because before this he lived in a dome-tent, and before that, out of a backpack. So for him, the 83 sq. ft. cabin is roomy. Scott and his friends designed and built the simple tiny shelter for less than $500. It’s located on a friend’s 20-acre plot of land. Enjoy the full tour below. Can you imagine building a house for only $500 in materials? Talk about life-changing…

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How he built a $500 tiny cabin with help from friends


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In this post, I’m going to show you a micro houseboat that you can probably build yourself if you wanted to.

You know, one of my favorite things about tiny houses, micro cabins, and “alternative” structures is that you can be as creative as you want about it. You can build tiny however and wherever you want… On wheels or on the water (like this micro houseboat). Up in the trees or underground.

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A DIY Micro Houseboat You Can Build Too with Tiny House Boat Plans

I think you’ll love this little house boat (which you can sleep and adventure in) so check it out and learn more below:

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This is the story of an INCREDIBLE 500-square-foot little house on a CLIFFTOP with WATER VIEWS in Chile! And it gets even better…

Because according to The Tiny Life, it was built in only 3 months and for only $15,000 USD. The home is designed just the way I would want my own home, with a covered patio separating two portions of the house.

In this case, one end of the house is the bed and bath, while the other side is the living space and kitchen. If you work from home and have a family, this kind of design would be absolutely PERFECT, don’t you think?

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AMAZING Clifftop TINY HOUSE Built In Less Than 3 Months for only $15,000 USD…

500-square-foot Small House on a Cliff with Water Views

Photo Credit www.ramirez-moletto.cl

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