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This historic cave home in Andalucía, Spain is one of 30 homes owned by Balcones de Piedad’s Caves in Guadix- Granada. They’ve renovated seven of the structures so far, keeping them as traditional as possible while offering modern conveniences.

Incredibly enough, these cave homes have been around for centuries! This one features a comfortable kitchen space, a bathroom with a shower stall, and a lovely living room where you can relax. Two bedrooms — one with a double bed and another with three single beds — give guests a quiet place to rest.

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Historical Cave Home Remodeled For Vacation

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Talk about a cool place for a vacation! This home was built over two years between two giant boulders on this man’s property in Washington.

The hot tub area is in an actual cave, lit with tiki torches — and it’s so big it’s more like a tiny pool! You walk through the cave and into the rest of the home. It’s a huge open space with a living area and kitchen, full bathroom (with flush toilet) and sleeping for 7 (8 if you include the couch). It’s a fun place for the whole family!

Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey vacationed there, and did a great video tour of the space you can watch below. You can rent it on Airbnb.

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Sleep in This Home Built Between Two Boulders

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