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Now this is a tiny *home.* Despite being only 250-square feet, these Casitas in at a Colorado campground look like perfectly miniature versions of larger traditional homes — there’s even a foyer with cathedral ceilings!

The home has a compact bathroom, with a little shower stall, a kitchen with all the major appliances so you can cook anything during your stay, and a loft bedroom you can reach with a very sturdy ladder. While it’s a vacation rental, I think this design would make a great full-time residence!

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Traditional Home in Little Style (No Wheels!)

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Welcome to the Rame, one of a number of tiny vacation buildings owned by Missing Hotel in Texas. The 280 sq. ft. tiny home was designed as a minimalist Mexican casita, complete with a rope bridge that takes guests to a porch with a plunge pool to let them cool off.

The secluded spot sits on a larger ranch area that offers a number of amenities. It’s also close to nature and hiking opportunities. What do you think of this gem?

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Minimalist Tiny House with Plunge Pool

‘minimalist Mexican casita rame

Images via Missing Hotel

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This is a $50k prefab small house with a kitchen and bath that unfolds in as little as an hour.

It’s the Boxabl prefab housing unit that can be customized in several ways. The units can be stacked to build a two-level home, and they can also be used as a larger home by building them side-by-side. Learn more below!

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$50k Prefab 20-Ft. Tiny House That Unfolds To 375-sq.-ft.

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This is the 240 sq. ft. Dreamwood Casita Tiny House on Wheels with a downstairs bedroom and two lofts.

It’s currently for sale out of Mill Bay, British Columbia for $75,000 CAD ($57,397 USD) according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders.

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30ft Dreamwood Casita Tiny House on Wheels with a Downstairs Bedroom plus Two Lofts

30ft Dreamwood Casita Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom plus Two Lofts 001

Images © Tasha Koledin

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This 250 sq. ft. tiny guest house in Oakland, California is a guest post by John Olmsted of New Avenue Homes

Travis and Kelly approached New Avenue back in February 2013 to discuss adding an accessory dwelling to the backyard of their Oakland, CA home. This 250 square foot casita is intended as a guesthouse and office.

Construction took about 5 to 6 months and began at the end of 2013. Some challenges to this project included poor access to the backyard, a very sloped lot, and older utilities which lead to a replaced water line. Just as the work came to completion in June 2014, Travis and Kelly adopted a baby. Now they take turns working from home two days a week in their backyard office so they can spend quality time with the newest member of their family.

When family and friends are in town to see the new baby or if Travis and Kelly are entertaining and hosting a get-together, they offer their casita as a small home away from home for overnight guests. It has a fully functioning bathroom and working washer dryer. When the family is away, it serves as a residence for their dog-sitter.

250 Sq. Ft. Tiny House in Oakland, CA Backyard (Guest House)

250 Sq. Ft. Backyard Tiny House by New Avenue Homes

Images © New Avenue Homes

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