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This is a barn-style, shed-based tiny house that’s listed for sale for $2,800 out of Santa Rosa, California. Update: At this low price, please do your due diligence, because this could be a scam, as we have been informed by one of our readers in the comments. Please do not send any funds without proper due diligence.

The cabin is 12-ft. by 32-ft., built in 2001, and has approximately 384-sq.-ft. of space. It has vinyl flooring and carpet throughout. There’s a bathroom, kitchen, living area, and an 8-ft. by 12-ft. bedroom with a closet. May not be in the absolute freshest cabin, but this could be a good starting point for a rehab on this almost 20-year-old structure. That being said, it doesn’t seem very far from move-in ready, but what do you think?

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$2.8k Barn Cabin For Sale in Santa Rosa, California

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This is a small loft apartment in Los Angeles, California. It looks like the perfect place for a visit to Hollywood, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s available via Airbnb.

I also really like the studio layout. If you’re interested in downsizing to a smaller space, but are not quite ready for a tiny house, a studio apartment like this could be a great transition. Have you ever considered a studio kind of like this? What’s your favorite city?

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Studio Apartment with Hollywood Views in LA!

Tiny Loft Apartment in Los Angeles California via Jeremiah-Airbnb 001

Images via Jeremiah/Airbnb

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This is an 18ft tiny house on wheels for $23,000 USD out of San Diego, California according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders.

It’s freshly built in 2020 and features an open layout with main-floor sleeping. What do you think?

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18ft Tiny House on Wheels for 23k

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This is a modern and off-grid itHouse cabin out of Pioneertown, California.

It’s a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home with solar panels and other off-grid abilities that you can rent via Airbnb. What do you think of this small house design?

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Pioneertown Off-grid itHouse Cabin

Modern and Off-grid Cabin Pioneertown via Linda-Airbnb 001

Images via Linda/Airbnb

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This is the story and tour of a reader’s 220-sq.-ft. tiny apartment in Los Angeles.

It’s a small space with an open-layout, 12-ft. high ceilings, and a lovely balcony. It didn’t come with a kitchen, but Paul put a kitchenette together that’s simple, affordable, and functional (see below). What do you think about living tiny and simply in an apartment or studio kind of like this?

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220-sq.-ft. Studio Apartment w/ Balcony in Los Angeles (TOUR)

220-sq-ft Tiny Apartment in Los Angeles with Balcony Farm 001

© Paul Moulds

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According to the Tiny Home Industry Association, LA has made backyard tiny homes on wheels legal as accessory dwelling units. It is called LA 2019-12-5 ADU Ordinance R19-0408.

It was just approved by the Los Angeles City Council, pretty incredible, right? One of the largest cities in America has just approved of tiny houses on wheels, I wonder who will be next?

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Los Angeles Legalizes Tiny Houses on Wheels as ADUs

Los Angeles Ordinance Legalizing Tiny Houses on Wheels 2019

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