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Thomas has owned this 153-year-old Methodist Retreat Cottage in Glyndon, Maryland for 25 years, and has pictures of his great-grandfather and family from nearly 100 years ago spending time at the 13×40 cottage.

Now the cottage acts as a “man cave” for Thomas and his son, and as a vacation spot they rent out to interested parties. The interior is so unique, with art and items from five generations of family. You can sleep in a normal bed, or how about a prairie wagon?

Enjoy the photo tour of his awesome cottage below!

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Man-Cave Cottage with 5 Generations of Family History

153 Year old Methodist Retreat Cottage Vacation 1

Images via Thomas Bruggman

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This is truly a charming French country house. I’m excited to share it with you because I really love this design and layout. And I think you will too.

From the front of this French country home it seems rather small but once you go inside everything is very open and spacious. The glass windows at the top of the gable roof allows tons of sunlight to pour inside the living area making the space seem bigger than it really is.

The interior walls are wrapped in wood giving this country home a warm cozy feel. Check out the spiral stair case to the sleeping loft.

Everything about this country house is simple and pure. I hope you enjoy chekcing out this petite french country house.

Petite French Country House with Loft


Images © Vincent Gremillet

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