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I just wanted to re-share this couple living in tiny house for a year and how you might be able to benefit from their experience thus far.

That’s right. They’ve been living in a tiny house full time for over a year now. And now they’re sharing the good, the bad, and what they might have done differently.

Plus a few things they actually did change. This kind of information is invaluable to those of us who are in the planning stages of our tiny houses because we get to learn from the experiences of others. And there’s no less costlier and less painful way to learn than that, right?

But overall, I think you’ll probably agree, that they did a near perfect job of a designing the right tiny home for themselves. It’s actually one of my favorites and seems very livable to me. See if you agree then let me know if you think you can live with someone else in it full time in the comments below (and why or why not).

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Couple Share Thoughts After Living Tiny for One Year


Images © Brevard Tiny House Company

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Just a little while back I showed how the core of the Robins Nest Tiny House on Wheels was Built (and how you can do the same) thanks to Brevard Tiny Houses.

This is an 8′ x 24′ custom designed tiny home on wheels to meet their clients needs. Even the trailer was custom designed for the design.

As soon as you walk in there’s a bathroom with shower, sink and composting toilet directly to your right. I like how the bathroom is near the front door, don’t you?

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Robins Nest Tiny House Tour


Images © BrevardTinyHouse.com

I encourage you to enjoy the full tour and story on the Robins Nest Tiny Home below (I think you’ll really like it):

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