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This is a gorgeous eBoho XL on a “Plus One” sale from ESCAPE. Plus One units are extra units they produce for immediate sale that are extremely popular, and the single-level eBoho XL makes the perfect home for one or two people. The XL features a private bedroom with a sliding door and a spacious living room area with dual flip-up tables for eating or work.

The kitchen area has an induction cook top, an apartment-sized refrigerator, and gorgeous stone countertops. In the compact bathroom, there’s a residential toilet and fiberglass shower stall. Get it today for a $4.5K discount!

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Gorgeous eBoho w/ Private Bedroom: $4.5K Discount

Escape Plus One Sale 7

Images via Escape

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Here’s a beautiful new Boho that’s extra long at 23 feet. It has beautiful shou sugi ban paneling on the exterior, and inside there’s upgraded flooring. Like all Boho models, there’s no loft. Instead, you get a lovely queen-sized bed under a picture window.

There’s open upper shelving around most of the walls, and the kitchen includes stone countertops, a range, and a spacious refrigerator/freezer. The bathroom has a flush toilet and a fiberglass shower. It’s available now for $61,042.

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Beautiful 23-Foot Boho w/ Shou Sugi Ban Exterior

Beautiful, New Extra Long Boho For Sale Now

Images © ESCAPE

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This is a used Escape Boho tiny house with Shou Sugi Ban siding that’s for sale.

It’s discounted $5,100 and includes queen bed, high efficiency heat pump, kitchen with stone top, stainless range with hood, refrigerator, on-demand water heater, window coverings with blackout, workstation with USB ports, a bathroom with composting toilet, and more. Check it out and learn more below!

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Boho Tiny House With Shou Sugi Ban Siding For Sale on Discount

Used Boho Tiny House With Shou Sugi Ban Siding For Sale on Discount 001

Images via Escape

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We see plenty of comments from people new to the tiny house movement, who wonder what’s so different about living in a tiny house instead of the tiny apartments they’re accustomed to. This article by Monica Humphries explains it so well! While small spaces have always been around, they aren’t all designed well to maximize space and efficiency.

A well-designed tiny house, like the BOHO model by ESCAPE that Monica stayed in at Think Big! Tiny House Resort in South Cairo, New York, doesn’t leave any space underutilized, and that makes all the difference! Monica also mentioned that the large windows and nature views added to the peace and comfort of the tiny house.

Even though her NYC apartment is about 500 square feet (shared with a roommate), in the end Monica said she could see herself living in just 110 square feet by herself quite easily. Read the full story at Insider.

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Why Tiny Houses Are Better Designed Than Most Apartments

She Would Trade Her NYC Apartment For A Tiny House 7

Images via Monica/Insider

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