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Not every 78-year-old boat is seaworthy, but this one got a new life nonetheless as the cozy bedroom of a unique Airbnb! It resembles a shark fin rising from the English countryside.

The owners had a bespoke marine “Hobbit door” built for the boat cabin, which adds to the charm. But don’t worry — there’s comfort as well. The adjacent cottage has a kitchenette with a stone sink and a gorgeous, moody bathroom with a lovely shower stall. What do you think?

  • A 78-year-old boat transformed into a charming Airbnb cottage in the English countryside.
  • Unique marine “Hobbit door” added to boat cabin for extra charm.
  • Off-grid retreat with adjacent cottage, offering cozy amenities and stunning views.

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Stylish & Quirky Boat Cottage in England

1945 Boat Turned into a Tiny Cottage

Images via Airbnb/Steven

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When he lived in Japan, Joe lived the #vanlife, travelling around the country. So tiny living is nothing new to him. When he wanted a spot to live in the States, he ended up choosing 36ft, 1982 Ed Munk offshore yacht — named Toko — which he has lived on for the past year.

As a Navy Serviceman, he knew a lot about large boats and the rules of sea, but he’s learned a lot since making a smaller boat his home sweet home. For the most part, he stays close to land for his job, but he can pick up and sail away for a day or a week whenever he’d like! Now that’s a cool life.

Be sure to watch the video of the interior of boat below, where he has two bedrooms, a salon, head and galley with a pretty large fridge/freezer! Thanks Tiny Home Tours! Follow Joe on Instagram here.

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Joe and Toko: Life on The Water in Crown City

Navy Serviceman And His Epic Boat Home 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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