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This is the Vento Sectional Sofa Bed by Franz Fertig.

It’s a modern sectional sofa, but it transforms into a comfortable double bed with a bedside table in a unique way.

Unfortunately, it starts out at $6,822 so nobody can really afford it and at that price point, it just wouldn’t be practical, but what do you think of the actual design?

The Vento Modern Sectional Sofa That Transforms Into Your Bed

Vento Modern Sectional Sofa That Transforms Into Your Bed 001

Images via The Collection

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If you’re looking for some extra storage space in a bedroom for your home, these beds with flip up storage might be a good option to consider.

You could also get the hardware you would need to build your own DIY-version with your own extra features and customizations.

I’ll show you the options below then would you please let me know what you think in the comments? Thanks!

1. The Space Up Bed And Storage by Parisot

Top Beds with Flip Up Storage 001

Room Smart

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This is a non-electric bed lift that was built for a stealthy cargo trailer to tiny house conversion.

This bed-to-ceiling system could also work for van conversions, tiny homes, and in other small spaces to create more multi-functional space. What do you think?

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Non-Electric Bed Lift System For Tiny Homes So You Can Store Your Bed into the Ceiling!

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