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Look at the dazzling Kiwi Tiny House by Baluchon. Their latest project was designed as a guest house for rent at Le Boulay in Segré in Anjou Bleu, France.

The tiny home features a living room with a pull-out sleeper sofa that can be blocked off from the rest of the home at night with a large curtain, giving kids a quiet place to sleep while their parents stay up. There’s a queen bed in the loft, a large 4-person dining table, and a kitchenette and 3/4 bathroom.

I really love the layout of this home, and the clever way to create separate spaces without closing off rooms with doors. Enjoy the photo tour below!

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Kiwi Tiny House 1

Images via Baluchon

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This is the La Boheme tiny house on wheels that sleeps four by Baluchon.

Its architecture is reminiscent of the shape of a small traditional house while integrating a good dose of modernity thanks to its large window with small wood and its luminous porch.1

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La Boheme Tiny House on Wheels

La Boheme Tiny House

Photos via Baluchon

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This is the breathtaking Essen’Ciel Tiny House on Wheels from Baluchon, a builder in France.

I might have to move to France just to live in one of these! I love the robin’s-egg-blue metal roof, and the gorgeous color scheme continues to the interior on the accent wall and kitchen hardware. The home has a loft bedroom, nifty pull-out steps, and a spacious bathroom and kitchen. The living room even features a pull out full-sized bed for company (or you if you hate steps!).

It was custom built for Marie-Laure, who upgraded from her small caravan to a tiny home!

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Breathtaking Essen’Ciel THOW from Baluchon

Images via Baluchon

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