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Blandine and her daughter, Anaïs, have been living in a Baluchon tiny home for two years, and they recently got a second THOW to act as a playroom for Anaïs — and her future home! While the living room in the THOW is currently set up as a soft play area, it’s all removable, so it can someday be her living room.

Because it will eventually be Anaïs’ own home, it has a kitchen, bathroom, and loft bedroom that are all beautiful and functional for full-time living. What do you think of the idea of getting your child a tiny house for their future home? I love it!

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This Tiny House Playroom Addition for Her Daughter is Designed to Grow with Her

The House Of Happiness Tiny House Addition w Epic Playroom.80

Images © Baluchon

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This 13-foot tiny house was designed as an office for a health professional, and I can hardly think of a more lovely spot to have an office visit! There’s a comfortable bench for patients, a consultation desk with sleek chairs, and even a 3/4 bathroom with a shower.

A mini wood-burning stove provides warmth during the cooler weather, and a number of windows allow beautiful natural light indoors. Would you like to be a patient here?

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A Baluchon-Built 13 Ft. Mobile Office

Health Professional’s Office Tiny Home. 17

Images: Baluchon

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This is Julien and Cindy’s incredible Château Peredvizhnik, which Baluchon (@tinyhousebaluchon), a tiny house builder in France, built for them.

The most notable feature of this home is the large picture window in the back of the THOW that follows the roof’s pitch and lets in oodles of natural light. The sage green color painted around the window on the interior makes it feel one with nature outside.

Another neat part of this house? It has a projector screen that pulls from a hatch in the loft bedroom floor! Enjoy the photo tour below.

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A Look Inside the Château Peredvizhnik by Baluchon

Château Peredvizhnik

Images via Baluchon

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