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Cairo is one incredible person! He writes poetry, does photography, teaches nutrition and breathwork, and films and edits movies and commercials. And he sings! And now he does it all from the studio annex he built in his parents’ urban backyard in the UK. The home is a minimalist marvel, and if you’re into clean lines and white interiors, you’re going to adore this space.

All in all, the build came in around $132,000 since they were constructing it in 2020, while material prices were skyrocketing. Still, Cairo sees it as an investment since it’s raised the value of his parent’s property, and someday that will come back to him in an inheritance.

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Poet/Singer/Photographer+ in his Backyard Studio

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Are you looking for a backyard studio design? These free plans are for a 17×12 cabin with space for an office area and a bed/couch set up. It would be a great way to expand your living space or create a guest room.

Just like all the new Zero plans, these are free to download immediately and can be submitted to your planning board for approval before building.

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Build a Custom Backyard Studio with These Free Zero-3 Plans

Zero-3 Backyard Studio

Images © Zero

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This is a micro backyard cottage with loft. It’s designed and built by Gracehaven Construction in Winchester, Virginia.

It’s designed to be used as a backyard getaway, office space, man cave, she shed, or just a backyard suite. Just curious, what would you use one of these for?

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Micro Backyard Cottage with Loft Built by Gracehaven Construction

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I can’t help being excited about shipping container tiny homes especially this one you’re about to see which is in Southern Portugal.

I guess it’s the bright color that attracted me to it at first. Then the modern flair the structure has that made me want to share it with you. What a beaut!

The architect Arnold Aarssen from Studio Arte envisions a new way of living using re-purposed containers. Even if it’s just a starter home for young people, a guest house, bed & breakfast, backyard office or art studio.

Made from an old shipping container this 40-foot structure, “could be a great economical living solution”, says Aarssen.

And the main living space is quite spacious while the outdoor terrace provides an inviting atmosphere to hang out in nature. In this model there is one bathroom and an outdoor kitchen.

Shipping Container is Converted into 320 Sq. Ft. Tiny House

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