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Nikki’s bus is proof that maximalists can live tiny! An artist and web designer, Nikki knew what she wanted in a home, and she made it happen. There’s a desk for her web design, a large counter-top studio for her art, and most incredibly, a full-sized soaking tub in the middle of the bus with a 200-gallon water tank and on-demand hot water tank.

She also snuck in a side-by-side fridge & freezer, a massive farmhouse sink, and a washer/dryer unit. On the back of the bus, she has a spacious deck that houses her generator and more exterior storage. What more could you want?

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Her 35-Foot Bus is Designed for Creativity!

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When he was younger, Steve really wanted a hammock in his bedroom. Despite promising his parents he would hang it in the studs, they firmly said no to the idea. So you’ll love the look of pure joy on his face as Steve shows off the hammock he hung in his short bus conversion!

A former professional welder, Steve finally got to pursue his dream of being a full-time artist after working full-time and building his bus in his free time for more than two years. He has a dedicated studio area in the back of the bus, complete with a huge drawer to house all his records. The front of the bus has his kitchen and bathroom, and the bench seats convert into his bed. What do you think of his rig?

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Professional Welder Converts a Short Bus into Tiny Home

Artist’s School Bus Conversion w Studio & Hammock

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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