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This is to let you know that the Leafspring tiny house is for sale. It’s a bit of a famous tiny home because it’s been featured in Lloyd Kahn’s “Small Homes” book and it’s also been toured over 369,000 times on Dylan Magaster’s FLORB YouTube Channel.

We first talked about it in late 2016 where we told the story of how Travis built it using a salvaged trailer and how he did it using no plans. It came out really awesome, too! Anyway, at the moment, Travis has it listed over at Tiny House Listings for $47,000.

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Travis’ Artisan-built Tiny House For Sale – Built With No Plans – Featured in Lloyd Kahn Book

Leafspring Tiny House For Sale 01

Images via Travis/Tiny House Listings

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This Artisan built his tiny house from a salvaged trailer – with no plans!

The home started as an old travel trailer and today it features beautiful hand-forged hinges, a monkey-bar ladder to get down from the loft bedroom, and a gravity-fed water system for washing dishes. He never had a floor plan in mind and created the home as he built. Watch the full video below! Enjoy!

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Artisan Builds His Tiny House from Salvaged Trailer – with No Plans!

Artisan Builds His Tiny House from Salvaged Trailer – with No Plans!

Screenshots via YouTube/Dylan Magaster

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