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This is to show you some really-cool graffiti art done by Justin Lopez behind a clawfoot tub, inside of a newly-built Texas shotgun cottage by Plum Construction.

It’s one of the many small cottages with tiny house style designed and built by Christine and her crew, by Plum Construction, out of Galveston, Texas. What do you think? Pretty cool, right?

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Clawfoot Bath Tub with Graffiti Art in this Beautiful Tiny Texas Cottage

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This is a handmade gypsy caravan tiny house by Barry Howard.

It’s a rolling work of art built by Barry Howard out of Big Sur, California. What do you think? Pretty neat, right?

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$20k Handmade Gypsy Caravan Tiny House on Wheels  out of Big Sur, California

Handmade Gypsy Caravan Tiny House For Sale 001

Images © Barry Howard

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This is a Tiny House on Wheels by Red Deer Classics.

The quality and creativity in this tiny home is just mind blowing, isn’t it? Earlier I showed you a video tour of this tiny house, but I wanted to show it to you again from a different angle because it’s literally a livable piece of art on wheels. I hope you like it!

This post is brought to you thanks to DIY Homestead Projects. Enjoy!

A Livable Piece of Art Tiny House on Wheels by Red Deer Classics… Amazing!

Red Deer Classics Tiny House via DIY Homestead Projects 001

Images © DIY Homestead Projects via Facebook

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This is a mind-blowing, work-of-art tiny house on wheels built by Red Deer Classics.

It’s like a piece of art you can live in. Like me, you may have seen a lot of tiny houses, but I don’t think you’ve ever seen one like this… Enjoy.😊

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One-of-a-kind Red Deer Classics Tiny House… Work of Art😍

Red Deer Classics Tiny House

Image © Red Deer Classics

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Our friends over at Historic Shed were contacted by an artist in Ormond Beach, Florida to design and build a backyard shed art studio tiny house.

It’s a 10’x14′ shed nestled perfectly in the backyard of the home built with some salvaged wood. It offers a dutch door, lots of windows, craftsman overhang, and a fun choice of colors.

How would you like to have a tiny structure like this for your art? Whether it’s a writing shed, office, or for any of your other hobbies or projects. And at 10’x14′ it might even be able to be converted into a studio efficiency too, don’t you think?

140 Sq. Ft. Shed Art Studio by Historic Shed


Images © Historic Shed

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I thought I’d show you Nancy’s tiny house.

It’s approximately 14’x9′ and is really unique because it’s a flexible, breathable structure.

And it’s made from materials around the sheep pasture where it’s located in Turangi, New Zealand.

These materials include bamboo, silage netting and wool from the thousands of sheep there.

By the way, Tika Whare means “true home” in Maori. And Maori are the people of New Zealand.


Photo Credit Nancy Milliken

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This tiny unfolding shipping container home is one of a kind, although it did disappoint me a bit. I’ll tell you why later.

Designed by artist/architect Adam Kalkin, it’s officially dubbed the Illy Push Button House and was created for Illy. At just 20′ by 8′ it unfolds into five different rooms. Yes, this design packs a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, and library. And guess what? It transforms at the push of a button. Hence the name. If that’s not cool enough you should also know that it’s prefabricated using recycled and/or recyclable materials. This might be a tiny house that’s truly at the cutting edge of sustainability and innovation. But there’s a catch… It still needs a roof once it’s unfolded. I didn’t like that.

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Expanding Shipping Container Concept House Built for Illy

Illy Push Button House: Tiny Unfolding Shipping Container Home

We have a video tour, interview and design overview that you can watch below:

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