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Meet Jessica Rambo, a Marine veteran who is helping other veterans with her traveling art studio (that doubles as her home!).

Her 501c3, the Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio, has a mission “to enhance the quality of life for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their community by providing alternative tools in art and art making.”

She and her two children live on the bus together, along with her cat and dog! It’s an amazing work-in-progress that she has built herself. We got to do a Q&A with her about the studio and #buslife, so be sure to read it at the end of the post!

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Mom’s Traveling Studio School Bus Conversion

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This is ESCAPE SPACE, a new line of beautiful buildings that can be put almost anywhere and used for almost anything. Whether you are looking for a man cave, she shed, home office, art studio, or glamping space, or any other ADU, and they start at under $12,000, making them beautiful and affordable.

You can order them as a shell and finish it yourself, or you can have a variety of options added. You pick the model with your desired options, they build it and deliver it to your site.

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ESCAPE SPACE Beautiful Portable Buildings That Start At Less Than $12,000

EscapeSpace Classic


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This is Luane Brauner’s housetruck and self-made art studio up in the clouds overlooking Golden Bay, New Zealand. Jola Josie treked up hills and across streams to interview Luane. Check out the video tours below! Enjoy!

Artist Housetruck and Art Studio Up in the Clouds

Luane Brauner's Housetruck in Golden Bay New Zealand

Photo credit: Jola Josie

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This is a beautiful micro cabin that’s being used as a clay art studio by Soleil Fleming who creates porcelain art jewelry in it and sells it online and in her Etsy shop.

The tiny cabin boasts large windows, a slanted shed-style roof, and a small covered front porch with a hammock to relax on. When you go inside you’ll find a simple art space with porcelain art tools.

This little cabin serves as a reminder that tiny structures can be used as creatively as you can imagine, doesn’t it? If you could have an extra micro cabin on your own land what would you use it for? Let us know in the comments below. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Beautiful Micro Cabin Used as Clay Art Studio

Beautiful Micro Cabin Used as Clay Art Studio

Images © Etsy/Jean-Michael Seminaro

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This is a 144 sq. ft. backyard shed art studio built by Historic Shed.

It has a 4′ extension on the roof for a covered front porch and it’s painted beautifully.

This backyard shed has French doors on three sides so it has a lot of light and openness.

It also has cypress siding and a metal roof. When the french doors are open you get a nice breeze inside, too.

The shed has built in shelves along the back wall and a mini-split AC system. Let’s take a look inside.

Backyard Shed Built as Art Studio for Homeowner


Images © Historic Shed

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