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This is the Wright family, the first clients of David Latimer at New Frontier Tiny Homes, who lost their tiny house in the wildfires that ripped through Boulder Creek, CA. We did a post about their house that they’ve been using as an Airbnb for some time. Now that income is gone, as well as many family heirlooms and possessions. Latimer has set up a GoFundMe account for the family here.

The Wrights couldn’t find an insurance provider to cover their tiny house in case of wildfires, which means this is a complete loss. They found out about the devastation on the same day their new daughter was born.

They recently moved to North Carolina and have a home there, so they are, thankfully, safe and housed at the moment. That said, they could use our support! Consider donating here.

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California Wildfires Destroy this Family’s Tiny House


Images via GoFundMe

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This is an announcement for the latest issue of the Tiny House Magazine from Kent Griswold’s Tiny House Blog.

Like usual, Issue 54 is a digital magazine filled with all kinds of valuable tiny house stories, pictures and more. Articles include:

  • Shanty Boats
  • Builder of the Month (Nook Tiny Homes)
  • Five Minutes with John and Fin
  • Seen & Scene
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Code Compliant
  • Living the Tiny Off-Road Life
  • Making Room for the Things You Love
  • All the Things I Want to Say About Money But Never Do
  • Sunshine On My Tiny Makes Me Happy
  • The Last Call
  • And more!

You get 86 pages of pictures, information and more. To purchase, head over to Tiny House Magazine.

Shanty Boats and Sunshine: Tiny House Magazine Issue 54

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The American Tiny House Association recently elected its newest board of directors.

Below you can meet the folks who will be championing tiny house living on a national scale.

Founded in 2015, American Tiny House Association is the premier organization dedicated to ensuring tiny houses are accepted as viable dwelling units. Members advocate locally and nationally, providing education and support to enthusiasts, municipalities, key housing organizations, builders and other professionals to help people to legally live tiny. Benefits of membership include access to resources, solutions to building and zoning codes, connections with city planning and construction experts, and the tools to engage with local governments. For additional information, visit the web site at www.americantinyhouseassociation.org.

Meet the New Board of the American Tiny House Association

President: Chris Galusha
Galusha is a construction consultant and advocate for safe, affordable housing. Since 2010, he has focused on the tiny house industry and works to teach and mentor those interested in construction, regenerative agriculture, and land development. He is currently director of construction for a veterans organization, developing tiny home plans and construction training programs in the Dallas, Texas area.

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This is an announcement to let you know that the NEW Tiny House Hunters TV Show is premiering tonight, Monday, Dec. 15, at 10 PM EST on HGTV.

Tonight’s show features a Jersey City newlywed couple who are searching for a tiny house on a large rural lot. The tiny house movement sure is gaining momentum in the mainstream world, isn’t it?

Yesterday I told you about our friend Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen’s Tiny House Builders show which is also on HGTV called Tiny House Builders. Great show! Hopefully this one will be good, too.

Tiny House Hunters TV Show on HGTV Mondays at 10 PM EST


Image © HGTV

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