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This is an abandoned crane that was converted into a tiny house with (of course) an incredible view. Best of all, you can book a stay in it if you want to.

Enjoy the ultimate view over the IJ river from the comfort of the most beautiful bed in Amsterdam! 1

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Old Crane Turned Into Luxury Tiny Home with Amazing 360 Degree Views!

The Yays Crane Apartment in Amsterdam 001

Images via Yays

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This is the Wikkelhouse: The Cardboard Tiny Home by Fiction Factory.

It’s created by wrapping layers and layers of cardboard around a frame, and can be as long or short as you want.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below! Thanks!

The Wikkelhouse: The Cardboard Home by Fiction Factory


Images via Yvonne Witte/Wikkelhouse

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This is Zoku, a modern hotel in Amsterdam with micro loft apartments that are rentable by the night and designed for those seeking a temporary residence.

The smallest space is 258 sq. ft. and the largest is 322 sq. ft. There is a large open community area designed to feel like a living room, game room, co-work space, and on-site restaurant serving healthy food options with a new daily menu. You can book a stay now but the hotel doesn’t open until May, 2016.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Zoku Micro Loft Hotel and Co-Workspace for Global Nomads


Images © Zoku

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Located in Amsterdam, this modern houseboat with a rooftop terrace has three levels. The private studio on the top level is available to rent through Airbnb. Here I’ll share with you a tour of the private studio.

Inside the one bedroom studio is a living area with a built-in desk, bathroom and small kitchenette. Including the large rooftop terrace the top floor is 753 sq ft.

The terrace provides additional living space when you open the glass sliding doors. I could imagine napping in the hammock on the deck.

Explore this modern house boat below.

Modern Houseboat with Rooftop TerraceModern Houseboat with Rooftop Terrace

Images © Airbnb

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This is a 30 year old classic Mercedes Van now happily serving as the Surf Bus.

Since it’s a big van, it would make for an absolutely awesome little home on wheels for van dwelling and adventuring.

If traveling is something that’s on your agenda, maybe you can consider a similar set up?

In this case, the bus stays put in the countryside of De Woude, North Holland, Netherlands.

Here you’re near Amsterdam and the North Sea Beach. Have a look below, learn more, consider staying (if you want), and enjoy!

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Tiny Living in the Surf Bus Cozy Camper Van


Images © Michel/Airbnb

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