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Modern Houseboat with Rooftop Terrace

Located in Amsterdam, this modern houseboat with a rooftop terrace has three levels. The private studio on the top level is available to rent through Airbnb. Here I’ll share with you a tour of the private studio.

Inside the one bedroom studio is a living area with a built-in desk, bathroom and small kitchenette. Including the large rooftop terrace the top floor is 753 sq ft.

The terrace provides additional living space when you open the glass sliding doors. I could imagine napping in the hammock on the deck.

Explore this modern house boat below.

Modern Houseboat with Rooftop TerraceModern Houseboat with Rooftop Terrace

Images © Airbnb

rooftop terrace inside view of desk large rooftop terrace bedroom in private studio bathroom in studio houseboat view terrace on houseboat interior view of houseboat

Images © Airbnb

Learn more: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3850766

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  • Frank
    June 11, 2015, 2:11 pm

    never considered living in a houseboat until I finished viewing this post….nice is all that I can say

  • Cahow
    June 11, 2015, 4:04 pm

    Extraordinarily chic; I can see the clean lines and modern approach appealing to a great many folks. I was blessed with staying 4 days in one of those old Bo-Ho houseboats that are anchored up and down the canals so that’s what I’ve imprinted upon. Mind you, they were VERY Hippie-Dippy, but that was part of their charm and the exact experience that I was after.

  • Karen R
    June 12, 2015, 2:31 pm

    Soooooo nice!

  • Theo
    June 12, 2015, 11:04 pm

    Seems nice enough, however the fact it looks like just a huge square wood container thing kinda puts me off.

  • Michael
    June 13, 2015, 6:34 am

    Yeah, this is a nice one and my style. I hope I can go one day to Amsterdam to check it out in real.
    Its a great idea to rent it partly which helps to finance the houseboat
    especially in Amsterdam where they have plenty of channels with many houseboats docked.
    Well done!

  • jan
    July 9, 2015, 4:05 pm

    This is a great concept for a lot of people, but I am still looking for more realistic ideas for an affordable tiny house. Meaning like on wheels to save on taxes, and building a do it myself structure. I like this informative site, just wish it had more of the humble lifestyle projects that I may be able to do. Thanks.

  • Jules Jones
    July 9, 2015, 6:26 pm

    Have RVs lost their appeal to most people? I was wondering why RVs haven’t been featured at all (or in a long time) on this medium. If minivans and Airstreamers have been featured, why not park model homes and RVs? They’re so richly decorated and furnished nowadays that we’d be nuts not to consider them still.

    • July 9, 2015, 8:28 pm

      I think small homes are wonderful but for their driving ability i prefer a well made RV like a leisure travel or airstream. You CAN customize them with solar and composting toilets, or buy an old one and renovate it. namaste’, rachel

  • Susanne
    July 10, 2015, 1:24 pm

    Impressive but cost a fortune I am sure…:(

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