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This is a $16k Amish-Built Tiny House.

It’s 26’6″ long and 12′ wide with floor joists 12″ on center.

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312 Sq. Ft. Amish-Built Tiny House for $16k

$16k Amish-Built Tiny House

Images via Craigslist

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Here’s a 300 sq. ft. Amish built rustic cabin from the 1860’s. It was originally built in Sandusky, OH and was transported to the Asheville, NC area in 2002. It’s about 17′ x 15′ with a covered front porch that has great nature and mountain views.

Inside this rustic cabin you’ll find a small living area just under the sleeping loft. And near the ladder that goes up to the loft is a wood burning stove to keep the cabin warm during winter.

In the sleeping loft there is a cozy queen sized bed. Back down in the living area there is a cozy day bed for relaxing or afternoon naps. The small kitchenette has essentials for simple cooking and a mini refrigerator. Go outside and take a few steps away from the cabin to find the outdoor shower and the outhouse. You have to truly see the cabin (below) to appreciate it. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Amish-Built Tiny Rustic Cabin

1860's Rustic Amish Built Cabin-001

Images © Airbnb

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If you’ve been looking for tiny house kits you’re in the right place. In this post, I’m going to show you an Amish Barn Raiser Kit you can order on wheels.

I’m talking about a pre-built tiny home on wheels (with the shell done for you) that can be delivered to you. This would save you up to 3 months of build time assuming you work on your projects for 16 hours every weekend. That’s 200+ hours of build time that you can save by ordering a pre-built shell already built on a new trailer for you.

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Barn Raiser Tiny House Kit Built and Delivered to You

Amish Barn Raiser

© Tumbleweed Houses

Learn how you can save up to 3 months of build time using one of these tiny house kits below:

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This is a Reader Submitted Guest Post – Share Your Downsizing Story Too

This is my tiny blues cabin. I live in the Tennessee hill-country but my musical tastes are more in line with Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta country! It’s about 70 miles south of Nashville (which is a great place) and I’m a bluesman at heart (even if not by talent!). I have this cabin because I wanted a get-away place to enjoy my blues music all night if I wanted to, to study, and also just to relax.

I bought this little log cabin from an Amish company in Kentucky. The outside was already finished, but my dad finished the inside. A friend of mine also built the front steps. The cabin is 14×20, but the front porch takes up 4 ft, leaving the actual living space at 200 sq. ft. My parents did all of the inside work to this place, including the electric blue paint and the Mississippi Mud paint!

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Mortgage-free in an Amish Log Cabin

Tommy's Tiny Blues Log Cabin

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