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The Little Red Cabin is a 16ft x 20ft cabin on a foundation with 10ft high walls so you can have lots of space in the upstairs loft.

The interior and exterior are finished with locally milled white pine and the flooring is made with durable red pine. This cabin is built by Forest Trek Woodwork out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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The Little Red Cabin by Forest Trek Woodwork in Canada

The Little Red Cabin by Forest Trek Woodwork in Canada

Images © Forest Trek Woodwork

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This is The Glamper mini-cabin.

It’s an 8ft by 16ft tiny cabin with a 16in front deck.

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The Glamper 16ft Tiny Cabin

The Glamper 16ft Mini Cabin 001

Images © The Glamper

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This is to announce that you can now register for tours of the Aurora Tiny House on Wheels by Zero Squared!

30 minute tours are available on Fridays between 9am and 2pm at ZeroSquared’s Head Office in Calgary, Alberta.

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Tour the Aurora Tiny House on Wheels by Zero Squared!

Aurora Tiny House with Huge Expanding Slide Outs by ZeroSquared Canadian Tiny House Builder 001

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As part of his celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, here is the Alberta A-Frame Cottage design by Robinson Residential.

The Alberta cottage is an ‘A’ frame in the “Times New Roman Style”. A frames were very popular in the 60’s and 70’s as they were a pretty simple structure that went up fast and did not take a lot of framing skills or materials. The look of an A frame became what many thought of as a cottage at that time.

One of the biggest hurdles designing them was finding a way to incorporate the stairs between the levels, as headroom was decreased on the top floor. In this plan, I have made the cottage a back to front split so that the stairs are essentially a hallway connecting the spaces. The kitchen is at the lowest level and has a large eating island. The bathroom and laundry are also on this floor. Storage would be built into the sloped exterior walls. Up a few feet is a living room with a very high ceiling and lots of rear facing windows. Above the kitchen we have the bedroom which has it’s own private exterior balcony.

While not tiny, this is a small cottage that should offer lots of storage, abundant windows and the cabin atmosphere that only an A frame can provide.

Check out the plans below and head over to Robinson Residential to purchase yours today!

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Alberta A-Frame Small Home Design

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You might remember Robinson Residential’s work from their amazing Dragonfly 20 Tiny House.

Designer John Robinson just got in touch with us to tell us about a new design series of his: 13 small homes inspired by one of the ten provinces and 3 territories of Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary!

Canada has a very diverse terrain and culture and I want to highlight those unique aspects with these homes. These designs are between 250 and 700 square feet, and provide unique living spaces for people, who want to live in something that is not ordinary and experience architecture of other locales.

These homes will likely not be as affordable as many people will request, but by building them themselves and re-using existing materials, there are potential cost savings. We will offer very detailed construction drawings for these homes so that self builds are possible and practical. The plans follow most building codes but zoning issues may remain in some areas for homes of this size.

We are launching these plans every Friday and will continue doing so for the next 10 weeks…We can modify these plans to suit particular situations as well.

So come Tiny House Talk each week to see the latest from Robinson Designs, starting with the Nova Scotia and Alberta A frame plans that have already been released.

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Announcing: 13 New Small Home Plans from Robinson Residential

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This is the new 8 x 10 Acorn Micro Cabin by Forest Trek Woodwork in Alberta, Canada.

Our new Acorn cabin is inspired from traditional canvas tents & A frame cabins. The idea is simply a small retreat to escape to from the city. Its made small only have a warm place to sleep & eat and to spend as much time outside as possible. This version is 8ft x 10ft, features pine T&G finished, and Cubic Mini stove.

What a cool little cabin that’s “something different.”

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Acorn Micro Cabin by Forest Trek Woodwork

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