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This is a Forest Garden Yurt designed and built by William Coperthwaite in the 1970s. Now it’s an Airbnb in the Ozark Forest of Galena, Missouri near Reed Spring.

Forest Garden Yurts are wooden yurts designed and built by Bill Coperthwaite in the 1970s for Tom Hess and Lory Brown as home and pottery studio. Tucked away in 4 acres of Ozark forest, the yurts are simple in nature yet abound with artistic details. The home yurt has a kitchen, bedroom, and a nook living room. The bathroom yurt is separate but has a covered walk.

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Forest Garden Yurt Cabin in Galena, Missouri Ozark Forest

Forest Garden Yurt Cabin in Missouri via Amanda-airbnb 001

Images via Amanda/Airbnb

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This is the story of Dan and his amazing self-created village, called Danville, where he reigns as the town mayor.

The property is located in Geneva, Florida, north of Orlando and just 18 miles from the ocean.

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His Senior-Friendly Yurt Treehouse Has An Elevator And A Recycled Jet Hot Tub

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This is a tiny stargaze cabin at Bellfire Farm in the Catskills Mountains of upstate New York.

It’s a really unique place that you can actually book a stay at via Airbnb. It has a big window in the rear of the cabin, on the roof, made for stargazing. It’s really interesting and unique. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Tiny Stargazing Cabin in New York

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This is My Tiny Wine Wagon… It’s MJ’s stylish and cozy wine-theme tiny house on wheels that’s part of her tiny house village in Sherwood, Oregon.

That’s right, you can actually book a vacation in this tiny house using Airbnb. But before that, it was an old pancake shack, she bought it for $1,000, it was moved 5 different times, redesigned about a dozen times, and about $15,000 spent on it. What all started as an unwanted pancake shack on wheels and a $1,000 investment is now a dream tiny house, built for only $15k (she explains how in this podcast) but is easily worth much more. This is My Tiny Wine Wagon by My Tiny Empty Nest.

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MJ’s My Tiny Wine Wagon Tiny House Experience

MJs Tiny Wine Way Tiny House Experience via Michelle-Airbnb 001

Images via Michelle/Airbnb by Mark Sharley Photography

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This is The View tiny house in Orlando, Florida. It’s a waterfront vacation rental (Airbnb) I thought you might like.

If you’ve ever wanted to try an ESCAPE Model ONE, here’s a chance to do it in Florida at the Orlando Lakefront Tiny House Village/RV Park but you can also book directly on Airbnb.

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Modern tiny house in Orlando, Florida with panoramic lake views on Airbnb😍

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This is a 200-sq.-ft. tiny house for two in Sebring, Florida. It’s a tiny house on a foundation with a fold-down murphy bed so it lives like a studio with it’s own kitchen and bath. What do you think?

It’s a vacation rental you can book over on Airbnb. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more tiny homes like this around? We think so! How about you?

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200-sq.-ft. Tiny House Rental in Sebring, Florida

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This off grid modern solar house in California isn’t tiny or even that small… But since it’s 100% off the grid I thought it was a smart enough design to include here.

At 1200 sq. ft. it would make a great home for a family or person who spends lots of time at home. It’s called the IT HOUSE and is made of glass and metal in the middle of the beautiful desert landscape in Pioneertown, California. The design system used to build this house was created by Taalman Koch.

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Prefab Off Grid itHouse

Off Grid Modern Solar House in California-02

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the home’s tour below:

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