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This is a private and secluded treehouse in Vermont, built using locally sourced lumber from the area. It has a beautiful loft bedroom (you can stand in it), and the balcony was made from sticks gathered onsite!

The open-concept space includes a living room and L-shaped kitchen, while the outhouse and outdoor shower are just a few steps away from the stairs that lead to the deck. What a great spot for a romantic getaway!

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Treehouse Built with Locally-Sourced Lumber

Treehouse Haven 44

Images via Airbnb/Swift

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This Uxbridge, MA cottage was professionally designed and built and you can tell! Added to the existing home, the private space feels both traditional and contemporary, with classy elements that feel perfectly “in style.” The bathroom has a vintage dresser turned into a vanity, for example. And there’s a handsome Pottery Barn couch in the living space.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of this cottage is the loft! Instead of sticking with the white walls from downstairs, they painted the loft a moody midnight blue — and it works. The space feels romantic and cozy and not coffin-like at all. Enjoy the photo tour below.

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Professionally Designed and Built MA Cottage

Cedar Flat w a Cozy Loft Bedroom 2

Images via Airbnb/Tim

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Joe lives full-time in his box truck conversion, but he and a business partner recently acquired this gorgeous tiny house property in central Oregon. Built by the original owners, this little piece of paradise features a converted grain silo with a bedroom/bathroom addition and even a front porch.

Inside the silo itself are two turquoise chairs, a coffee table, and a curved kitchenette for preparing basic meals. The beams inside the silo are reclaimed electric poles! There’s a lovely queen bed and a bathroom with a flushing toilet and spacious shower stall. What do you think?

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He Lives in a Box Truck & Owns an Airbnb

Intimate Rustic Silo Among The Trees 5

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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We’ve shown you the gorgeous Peacock Tiny House before, but this video tour with Hive Drive Bus goes in-depth at this Airbnb rental in the Mojave desert.

The lovely THOW has both downstairs and upstairs decks, each offering stunning views of the surrounding dessert and mountains. It sits at Sandy Valley Ranch, where there are rodeos, horseback riding lessons, and more. Inside the tiny home you’ll find a cozy couch area, a fully-stocked kitchen with everything but an oven, and a bathroom complete with an RV-style flushing toilet.

Enjoy as Scott & Ashley take you on a tour of this gem!

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Mountain Views From The Peacock Tiny House Balcony

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Anyone else dreaming of all the places you’d like to go once this pandemic is under control? The Tye Haus A-Frame in Washington is high on my “must stay” list.

This is a spectacular Airbnb rental (@tyehaus on Instagram) that sits next to two other similar a-frames. It clocks in at just over 1,000 square feet and is someplace I could live forever. It even has a hot tub!

The downstairs features a great open concept living area with a wood-burning stove and kitchen at the back of the house. Go upstairs in the loft to find two queen beds. Get more details and book your stay on Airbnb!

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Washington A-Frame Cabin with a Hot Tub!

Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin Rental in Washington State

Images via Tom/Airbnb

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This is the Industrial, an Airbnb vacation spot built by Kentucky tiny house builder, Wheel Life Tiny Homes.

Stay at the Ohio River Marina in this lovely THOW that features both a downstairs bedroom and a loft sleeping area. The living room is spacious and includes a comfortable couch, but if the weather is nice you’ll want to get outside on the patio to grill burgers and look at the marina! Get all the details about the Airbnb below and if you want a house like this one, contact Wheel Life Tiny Homes. Enjoy!

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The Industrial: Wheel Life Tiny House Vacation, KY

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This is the Cozy Container Cabin where you can take an Airbnb vacation in Oakland, CA.

Although the container is cool in its own right, it’s even better because it was created by Boxouse, a company designing “portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes” in California:

Inspired by portable, modular shipping containers and fed up with paying rising rents in San Francisco for non ideal housing we set out to redefine the landscape in which we lived and rethink housing for modern aspirations.

Boxouse started on a vacant lot in 2013 and quickly grew into a community of friends who all shared a common goal of experimenting with sustainability and building. We still run all our production out of beautiful Oakland California.

Want to get a taste for their work? Book your stay! More details below the pictures.

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Cozy Container Cabin Airbnb Vacation, Oakland CA

Images via Airbnb/Boxouse

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This is a 200 sq. ft. Torch Lake Tiny House Vacation Rental in Michigan.

The little space includes sleeping for up to four with a loft bedroom and a couch that transforms into a large bed. You have public access to Torch Lake while on the property, and the tiny home’s front deck even has a hot tub!

Enjoy the pictures below and book your stay on Airbnb!

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Torch Lake Tiny House Vacation Rental, MI

Images via Airbnb

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I love a good “before and after” post, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Joe and Michelle Carr completely renovated the 1921 300 sq. ft. home on their property in Oklahoma City, and turned it into a dazzling modern studio that you can now rent on Airbnb!

The spot features a Murphy bed, living room, kitchen, full bath and private patio. Check out the before and after pictures below, and then head over to Airbnb to book your stay.


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Before and After: Tiny House Backyard Studio Transformation

Images via Joe and Michelle

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