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This adobe home was originally community-built in the late 1800s, and was recently renovated and restored to the beautiful vacation property it is today. It sits next to a 70-year-old pecan orchard that provides a peaceful vista for those who come to stay.

Inside the home has everything you could want including a full kitchen, a bathroom with copper soaking tub and pebble shower, and even a sauna! There’s a large covered porch outside that overlooks the pecan trees, with plenty of comfortable lawn furniture.

The home is located in La Mesa, New Mexico, and yes there’s modern heat/air-conditioning and wifi!

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1800s-Built Adobe Home w/ Private Orchard

100-Year-Old Adobe Home on a Pecan Orchard 26

Images via Airbnb/Paulo

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Looking for a special place to stay? This earth home in La Prado, New Mexico is a simple camping-like experience in a fun round dwelling that lets you get close — or inside — the land.

The adobe walls and floors were created from local clay, and the timber came from the Taos mountains. There’s a composting toilet outside the Kiva structure, as well as nearby hot springs for a shower experience (no running water in the home). This is a wonderful glamping experience in a tiny earth home! You can actually rent the spot on Airbnb right here!

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Tiny Round Adobe Home: The Kiva

Kiva: Simple Round Earth House in New Mexico

Images via Ray/Airbnb

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