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Alena Nikkole is sharing her amazing 8×12 tiny house design with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest with Derek Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com. I think you’ll agree that Alena did an amazing job of making this 8×12 design as functional as possible. I’ll let her show you and explain the design to you below. Please enjoy and re-share.

This house contains many wonderful features:

  • At the entry, there are cubbies to store shoes upon entering.
  • There is A LOT of storage space (2 closets that are each 2.5′ wide).
  • A 3′ wide booth with 2’x3′ table for dining/working.
  • A sleeping loft that will fit a full size mattress, and is accessible by a ladder that will neatly slide out of the way and store between the booth and 2nd closet. (Ladder not shown)
  • A nicely appointed kitchen that has a large sink (it converts to extra prep space with a cutting board insert), under-counter refrigerator, a 4-burner gas stove top, as well as 4 drawers, cabinet storage under sink as well as above the cook top, and a lovely butcher block counter top.
  • A small loft above the bathroom that can serve as extra storage OR flat screen tv area.
  • And a FULL BATHROOM, featuring a 2.5’x3′ shower, a small sink/counter, a medicine cabinet, a space-saving pocket door entrance, and a LAVEO waterless toilet.
  • There are also plenty of large windows to provide ample natural lighting. These are located above the sink, next to the dining booth, at the foot of the bed, in the storage loft, and a small window above the toilet.
  • This design can be built on top of a trailer and still meet the height and width restrictions, allowing it to be towed without a permit.

Alena Nikole’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Alena Nikole

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Kateri Eastman is sharing her 8×12 tiny house design with no sleeping loft with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest with Deek of RelaxShacks.com. I’ll let her explain her design with you.

I had been thinking of a family friend, who had had some physical limitations, when I saw you contest. Designing with these limitations in mind became my starting point; minimizing climbing and bending where I could. It’s a bit thrown together, but I hope there are some ideas here that might provide others with inspiration.

A major feature are the carriage doors which turn the outdoors into part of the living space. The porch and pergola are meant to be on site, just an example of incorporating the outdoors. The wet bath has a partition and curtain rather than a full wall to keep a more open feeling in a small space. I thought a rolling towel rack would keep dry things dry. The daybed has storage and only one arm so the other end can be used as a seat at the computer desk. One of those pillows shaped like a chair back would get good use there. There’s a drop-leaf in front of the sink for counter space. A smaller mini-fridge might free up some space as well. Cooking could be done by any desired combination of hot plate, toaster oven or microwave.

Kateri Eastman’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Kateri Eastman

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Katelyn Hoisington is sharing her 8×12 tiny house design with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest with Deek of RelaxShacks.com.

This is my entry for the 8×12 Tiny House Design contest!

I found it challenging to design such a small space, but intriguing nonetheless.

Many of the features in this design are focused on creating storage, for example, there is plenty of under-counter storage, and open shelving provides additional storage for tableware.

There is also a dresser in the bathroom, which is a luxury in many tiny houses. Enjoy!

Katelyn Hoisington’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Katelyn Hoisington

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This is Kimberly Hunter’s 8×12 tiny house design that she’s sharing with us as a part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest with Deek of RelaxShacks.com who is giving away $200 in tiny house books to the winner.

Kimberly’s design includes a basement, main floor, sleeping level, and a rooftop terrace with a garden. Pretty cool, right? Please enjoy and re-share Kimberly’s tiny house design below if you’d like to. Thanks!

Kimberly Hunter’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Image © Kimberly Hunter

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Jason McQueen is sharing this 8×12 tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.


I am an amateur designer. I usually design at the 750-1250 sq. ft. range, but I thought I’d take a shot at this.

8’x12′ is no bigger than a garden shed, so designing a “house” that small is a challenge. Even RV’s this size have limited features (I have never seen one this small with a heater, for example). This one is heated by a small wood stove, as it would likely be built in an off-the-grid area.

My design is basically a single room with a corner cut out for a wet bath. The toilet is a composter and it is angled to give you a little knee room when sitting. The other corner in the bath gives you a little extra room when showering. A ladder near the entry leads to a loft big enough for a queen bed. Basically you have to chuck a mattress over the loft railing. There is a “shed dormer” over the bed to give it a little more room where the roof would normally slope down. The roof comes down a little more over the door to give a little extra shelter when entering. I don’t think more than a couple could live there but it would make a great resort cabin.

Jason McQueen’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Jason McQueen

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Alan Reid has designed a 8×12 tiny house as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. He calls this design The Lookout.

The total height of this tiny house without foundation is 13 ft. Alan said with some height modifications this could be built on a trailer but as pictured below it’s on a foundation.

He has spent some time creating these beautiful pictures below of the exterior and interior of his design.

In his design there is a desk area, kitchen and bathroom on the bottom level and a sleeping loft above.

Enjoy the pictures below of 8×12 The Lookout Tiny House Design.

Alan Reid’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Alan Reid

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Eddie Williams of Green Life Shelters has shared this awesome 8×12 tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

It’s a tiny two-story tiny cabin with a covered front porch and a unique roof line with skylight and plenty of windows throughout.

When you go inside you’ll see your kitchen straight ahead and micro living area to your right with wall mounted television and ladder that takes you up to the loft. The bathroom is to your left.

Eddie Williams Green Life Shelters 8×12 Tiny House


Images © Eddie Williams

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