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This is a beautiful traditional-style tiny house with board and batten siding and interior pine clapboards. The structure comes in at just under 200 square feet, and fits in a twin-sized downstairs bedroom.

There’s a compact living area, kitchen with butcher block cabinets and a bathroom that can work either on or off-grid depending on your needs. The 7×7 loft is in the middle of the THOW, and accessible via ladder from both ends. What do you think? You can buy it here for $45,000.

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8×24 Tiny House For $45K

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Look at this fantastic tiny house that’s for sale in Maryland. The 350 square foot house has tons of features you’re sure to enjoy when going tiny, including a bathtub.

I love these storage steps in particular. While cubbies under the stairs are nothing new, I like how deep these cabinets are, and that one of them has been set up as a bookshelf, and another as a full closet for hanging clothing.

The convection oven and propane stovetop give you plenty of cooking options, and there are two lofts for sleeping. The living room even features a lovely bay window. Contact the seller, asking $45,000, at Tiny House Marketplace here.

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350 Square Foot THOW for $45K in Maryland

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