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Ovat Tiny Homes in Screven, Georgia presents this beautiful 36-ft model called the Verona. This not-so-tiny house features not one, but three potential sleeping areas, with two lofts and a flex room on the first floor.

One of the lofts has a nice landing with a standing room, while you can get to the other loft with a ladder. Additionally, there’s a gorgeous bathroom with a large glass shower stall! The kitchen cabinets are all custom-made and high-end appliances add to the luxury of the space. You can purchase it now for $149,999.

  • Ovat Tiny Homes presents the 36ft Verona model: a spacious tiny home with two lofts and a first-floor flex room.
  • The house features custom-made cabinets, high-end appliances, a luxury kitchen, and a beautiful bathroom with a glass shower stall.
  • With the option to purchase for $149,999, the Verona offers a unique blend of luxury and practicality in tiny living.

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Custom Cabinetry and first-floor Bedroom

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This is a great tiny house from a new-to-us tiny house builder — Tiny FL! Located in Florida, they produce beautiful luxury tiny homes. This is one of their most recent builds, and it includes tons of sleeping areas! Not only does it have two lofts, it includes a first-floor bedroom.

Additionally, you’ll find a spacious living room and kitchen between the lofts. The cabinetry is all very sleek with no pulls, and the bathroom has a large glass shower stall. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Two Lofts Plus a Ground Floor Bedroom in 36 Feet

36ft Verona Tiny FL 8

Images via Tiny FL

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