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I love a good “before and after” post, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Joe and Michelle Carr completely renovated the 1921 300 sq. ft. home on their property in Oklahoma City, and turned it into a dazzling modern studio that you can now rent on Airbnb!

The spot features a Murphy bed, living room, kitchen, full bath and private patio. Check out the before and after pictures below, and then head over to Airbnb to book your stay.


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Before and After: Tiny House Backyard Studio Transformation

Images via Joe and Michelle

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This is a 300 sq. ft. off grid cabin in the woods of Yulan, New York.

The owner is also a fashion and interior designer, Scott Newkirk, who enjoys staying here and getting away from the big city during weekends in the spring.

The cabin is completely off grid with no electricity and no running water. This allows Scott to completely unplug from the modern world. When he wants to take a bath he goes down to the nearby creek!

Outside you’ll find there’s a large outdoor deck for relaxing and taking in the surrounding views of nature. Inside you’ll notice an open floor plan and floating stairs that lead up to the sleeping loft. Simple but awesome, isn’t it?

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

300 Sq. Ft. Off Grid Cabin in Woods of New York


Images © Dean Kaufman Photography

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In the woods of Chappaqua, New York is this modern studio cabin. Designed by, Workshop APD, the team made this modern cabin blend beautifully with the surrounding area.

I can see this being a great weekend retreat spot or even office space to get away from the hustling city life. Or if you are an artist or author what a great space to get creative in.

What do you think of this modern studio cabin? Although there are no interior photos how would you design the inside of this cabin? Share your comments with us below.

300 Sq. Ft. Modern Studio Cabin


Images © Workshop APD

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This adorable tiny home in the middle of Stockholm is secluded away in a small courtyard, perfect for entertaining guests.

Like the outside, the inside of this 300 sq. ft. home is quaint and features classic subway tiles and cool grey cabinets. The home is bright and clean which allows for the small space to feel roomy and airy.

The bottom floor of this tiny home features the kitchen, bathroom and living area. Then you can take the rustic staircase up to the second floor, where you’ll find the bedroom which is roomy enough to fit a bed, a small accent chair and TV console. The bedroom, like the first floor feels light and airy due to two skylights.

300 Sq. Ft. Swedish Tiny Home For Sale


Images © Erik Olsson

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This is a 10′ wide by 30′ long 300 sq. ft. tiny house design with additional space in the loft. One of my favorite features about it are that there’s a staircase (not a ladder) to the upstairs loft space.

And there’s enough room up there to have a king sized bed, too, which is great if you’re planning on sharing the space. Plus there’s an additional storage loft area behind the bed. This tiny house has plans for a total of 1400 watts of solar panels and a 150 gallon grey water collection system. More features include:

  • A combo washer/dryer under the staircase.
  • A wood burning stove.
  • A tankless water heater.

And much more. Take the entire 3D tour below. Please enjoy, leave your thoughts in the comments, and re-share if you feel called to. Thanks!

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300 Sq. Ft. 10′ x 30′ Tiny House Design


Images © K Butler/YouTube

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The Mini-B is a tiny house with an upstairs sleeping loft. But there’s a larger alternative floor plan design that includes a downstairs bedroom that I’ll show you below. The house was designed by Architect Joseph Giampietro as a detached backyard accessory dwelling unit for the City of Seattle area.

The model shown below has 300 square feet of interior space and the vaulted ceilings do a great job of making it look and feel spacious. The modern tiny cabin is surrounded with 9″ of EPS foam (see below) to help make it very energy efficient.

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Mini-B Prefab 300-sq.-ft. Modern Tiny Home

Mini-B Prefab Passive Modern Tiny House

Photo Credits: Mini-B Passive House

How’d you like to have a small home with an electric bill of less than $9/month?

You can see the rest of the Mini-B and learn more about it below:

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