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This is the Stellar Jay 24-ft tiny house on wheels by Rewild Homes.

It’s a custom little cabin with modern french door side-entry. It’s beautiful, it’s cozy, and it’s a tiny home. Step inside to discover the minimalist, Scandinavian-style living room, built-in desk, simple kitchenette with large sink, and a sleeping loft with a skylight that opens. Can you imagine how nice it would be to stargaze from there? Then there’s the bathroom which even includes a washer dryer combo unit (or space for one, at least). This tiny house also has lots of built-in shelves, cabinets, and other storage throughout which is really important. Anyway, how do you think you’d fair living in this model tiny house from Rewild Homes? What would you change about it for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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Stellar Jay 24-foot Tiny House on Wheels by Rewild Homes

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This is a one-of-a-kind wedge tiny house shell by Project Tool Up and the story behind it.

It’s framed, insulated, waterproofed, roofed, sided, and built on a new 24ft trailer. At the moment, it’s available for $29,000 obo. Please see the info below if you’re interested. Also, what do you think of the wedge design?

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24ft One-of-a-kind Wedge Tiny House Shell For Sale

Project Tool Up Tiny House Shell For Sale One-of-a-kind 001

Images via Project Tool Up

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This is a contemporary tiny house on wheels that was for sale for $69,900. It’s built on an 8’x24′ Trailermade Trailer by Native Design Build. The house offers 192-square-feet on the main level plus 40-square-feet in the loft.

Outside you have a 7’x10′ fold-down deck to enjoy the outdoors from your sliding glass doors. Inside you have a queen murphy bed so you can sleep on the main floor. What do you think?

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24-Foot Contemporary Tiny House with a Queen Murphy Bed for Main Floor Sleeping

Native Design Build Tiny House with Queen Murphy Bed 005

Images © Native Design Build

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This is the Zilker. It’s a 24-foot tiny house on wheels by ATX Tiny Casas out of Austin, Texas. The home is for sale for $69,995, according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders.

It was built in 2018, offers 240-square-feet inside, and offers a full kitchen, living area that converts into sleeping space, full bathroom, a king-size sleeping loft, and lots of built-in storage. Take a look!

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240-Square-Foot Zilker Tiny House by ATX Tiny Casas For Sale – Austin, TX – $69,995

The Zilker 24-Foot Tiny House by ATX Tiny Casas

Images via ATX Tiny Casas/Tiny Home Builders

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This is a 270-square-feet oversized stealth tiny house on wheels for sale in Palm Beach, Florida according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders, it’s available for $28,000 and it was built in 2018.

It measures 24-feet long and 8.5-feet wide. The kitchen features a 30-inch, 10-inch deep stainless steel sink, apartment-size refrigerator, stove-top oven, and lots of cabinets. The bathroom is located over the hitch of the trailer with a flush toilet, relatively large vanity, and a shower. There’s a comfortable looking couch in the living area, a 24-square-foot closet, and a loft with a queen-sized bed. I like it because it looks like a cargo trailer from the outside. What do you think?

24-Foot Stealth Tiny House For Sale in Palm Beach, Florida for $28,000

270-Square-Feet Stealth Tiny House 001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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This is Francelia’s Tiny House on Wheels built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes.

It’s a custom 24ft tiny home on a trailer with a bump out built over the tongue of the trailer in the living room.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Francelia’s 24ft Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes

Francelia Tiny House by MitchCraft 001

Images © MitchCraft Tiny Homes

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This is Kevin and Marni’s 290 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels. It’s a 24ft tiny house with a built-out deck and a wonderful, open view.

When you step inside, you’ll see that the living room has a desk that doubles as a dining table plus a couch that converts into a bed for guests so it’s very multi-functional. Then there are two lofts, one is their main bedroom, and the other is a reading nook that doubles as a guest space.

The staircase to the main loft has built-in storage and you’ll also find a full kitchen and bathroom. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Couple’s 290 Sq. Ft. Double Loft Tiny Home

Couples 290 sq ft Simple Tiny Home 001

Images © Kevin McConnach/YouTube

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This is a 24ft Farmhouse Tiny House on Wheels by Liberation Tiny Homes.

It features a metal roof, cedar siding, and the standard farmhouse layout. Inside you’ll find butcher block countertops, custom bathroom cabinets, and unique fixtures picked out by the client.

Please enjoy the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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Modern 289 Sq. Ft. Farmhouse Tiny House by Liberation Tiny Homes

24ft Farmhouse by Liberation Tiny Homes 001

Images © Liberation Tiny Homes

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This it he Cedar Hideaway Tiny House on Wheels in Chesnee, South Carolina.

It’s a vacation rental that’s about 16 minutes to the Tryon International Equestrian Center.

The tiny house is 24ft long with 185 sq. ft. on the main floor plus two lofts with an additional 100 sq. ft. of space.

Cedar Hideaway Tiny House Vacation in Chesnee, South Carolina

Cedar Hideaway Tiny House Vacation in Chesnee 001

Images via Airbnb

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